If you’re new to legal web marketing, then you’re probably hearing a lot about links. You know what they are, since you click them all the time when you’re on others’ sites. What you may not know is that there is a lot of technical consideration that goes into where these links are pointed.

Most of the links on a law firm’s site should be pointed at:

  • Your internal pages. If your anchor text offers information about “Texas family law,” where should that link point? To you, of course! Sending your readers to another one of your pages, such as a library article or news item, will boost your traffic and give them helpful information at the same time.
  • Reputable news sources. Linking to a news or research institute to back up your information adds weight to your claims—just make sure your sources are legitimate. Avoid links to sites where anyone can weigh in, such as Wikipedia or an online forum.
  • Local information guides. Your readers are looking for help, so give it to them—even if it means having them click to another site. If you are a Social Security attorney, add links to the Social Security Administration’s website so your customers can find documents easily. If you can get other sources to link to you, even better! Search engines add value to your site if others are judging your content to be informational and relevant.

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