Where Is Your Market, So You Can Go There to Give Them the Message?

You develop a message that you think your market will be interested in, then, and only then, after you have gone through all of that, do you look to the media.  And by media, we mean TV, radio, newspapers, other forms of print, including brochures, Yellow Pages, Internet, and even referral systems.  The media is, in a broad marketing sense, how you deliver the message.

Determining the most effective media is as important as figuring out your market and message.  You must have a tight market-message-media match.  That is, your message must reach your target market through media your market receives and pays attention to. 

Trial lawyers who represent individuals rather than corporate clients have a special challenge when it comes to reaching their potential clients.  Our potential clients very likely do not know when they read our ads that they will need us.  If we represent injured people and our ads are seen by people who have not yet been injured, why should they pay any attention to us?  The answer is that your ad must be where it is most likely to be received by your potential clients - even before they know they are going to need you.  Therefore, go where your market is and find out what they are doing. 

If your market is found in a common geographical area, go to that neighborhood.  Go shopping in the grocery store and the pharmacy.  Buy the neighborhood newspapers.  Listen to what is being said.  What TV shows do they watch?  What radio programs do they listen to?  What do they do for a living? 

We cannot give you the best media or the best message for your market.  You must do that through your hard work and focus.


-         Ben Glass





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