Where would you turn if you needed to hire someone? Many of us ask our friends and family, and most of us also turn to the Internet. A simple Internet search can help locate qualified professionals who are located close to home. We can often learn quite a deal about that professional and his or her business from the search results.
As an attorney, you can achieve great legal marketing results by thinking like a consumer and creating an Internet presence that helps prospective clients find you — and ultimately hire you.
How to Use Pay Per Click as Part of Your Internet Presence
Pay per click advertising systems allow you to advertise on search result pages when a user types in keywords that you have identified. Most of the major search engines currently have some form of pay per click advertising that you can use. However, as you get started with your pay per click lawyer advertising campaign you might consider concentrating on Google. Google is the highest-volume search engine. Once you see pay per click advertising working for your practice, you can consider adding in other major search engines such as Yahoo and Bing/MSN.
There’s More to Legal Advertising Than Pay Per Click
Pay per click legal advertising is an important part of your law firm Internet marketing strategy — but it’s not the only part. To learn more great legal marketing strategies, we encourage you to read a FREE chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book which is available on our website, and to call a law firm marketing consultant directly at 703.591.9829.
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Pay per Click Internet Advertising Services by Keyword Search Pros includes a host of SEM management procedures centered on ROI maximization in the search campaigns. Pay per click has become difficult in the recent years to profit in as more competitors enter the marketplace and as fewer consumers spend money.
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