Who Is In Control – You or Your Law Practice?

Control is an integral factor in determining success. Entrepreneurial lawyers and business owners recognize that in order to achieve their goals and establish a wealth-building enterprise, that they must be the ones in control of every angle of the situation.

I've talked before about the need to maintain control in choosing the clients that you accept and the cases that you handle. But another arena that any affluent lawyer will have mastered is the power dynamic between themselves and their law practice.

If you are a lawyer who is also a business owner, you must recognize that your law practice is a tool that you use to support your lifestyle
. Your practice should function as a wealth-building device, not as your lord and master, dictating your every waking moment.

If you feel like a puppet with the "puppet master" law practice controlling your every move, you have no one to blame but yourself. You must take control of the situation and cut the strings. Your business, i.e. your law practice, should be in service to you; not the other way around!

A significant aspect in asserting control comes from establishing systems that allow your law practice to function without you. Yes, that's right. In order to take control, you have to extend the effort to create a law practice that can function efficiently and cost-effectively without weighing you down and encroaching on your life.

Without maintaining the upper hand in this relationship, you won't be free to focus on the aspects of running a business that will ensure that your practice becomes the wealth-building tool that it needs to be.

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