We know what you’re thinking: “I’m already overwhelmed by the demands of my law firm’s online web marketing, and now I have to write a book? Where am I going to find the time—and is it even worth it?”

The answer is YES. By offering a free legal book on your website, you are firmly establishing your place as:

  • An expert in your legal field. By choosing one specific area of your practice—car accident cases or bankruptcy, for example—you are acting as your customers’ personal guide through the legal process. It allows you to showcase your knowledge while building trust with the customer, an effective way to convert them into a client.
  • A credible source. Whenever you interact with the media, they will give you a “byline” where they tell the readers who you are—usually “of Smith & Smith Law Firm,” for example. Imagine adding “and author of Ten Ways to Prepare for Your Bankruptcy Case” to that byline. This gives you additional exposure and gives your clients an incentive to order the book (especially if there’s a link to your offer page from the news site).
  • A savvy web-marketer. Your clients won’t be able to see behind the scenes, so they’ll think you are only offering a helpful guide to woo them into your business. In reality, you have already gotten their foot in the door: they have contacted you once, given you the opportunity to contact them again, and have kept an advertisement of your business for any of their friends who may be looking for an attorney in the future.

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Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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