You may not understand why lawyers in your area seem to be gobbling up cases while you’re fighting for every new client. You’ve met many of your competitors, and you’re not afraid to say it: you’re a better attorney than they are.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if you’re the best lawyer in your area. It’s wonderful for you personally, and great for the clients you do sign, but it is not a marketing advantage.

There are a few reasons for this. For instance, imagine you are looking for a surgeon in your area. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, and you know nothing about any of them. How would you start you search?

  • In-area. You need someone reasonably near you; the rest are out.
  • Web search. You look for reviews, education, and eventually the look of the doctor just to narrow the field.
  • Recommendations. You ask your friends who they have used in the past.

You’ve probably noticed that the search is getting more and more specific. If you’re a general practitioner, if your office isn’t located near the patient, or if nobody knows who you are, then you’re not getting this patient’s business—whether you’re the best or not.

The bottom line is: the public can't tell a good lawyer from a bad lawyer until they’ve used his services, so the only way to stay ahead is to market first and serve second. Focus your efforts on informing your customer, building trust, and adding him to your database for future marketing. Once he has signed you, you can tell him your qualifications—or even better, you can show him by winning his case.

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Ben Glass
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