Many attorneys are afraid of turning down cases. Even if they will not get a big return on the case, do not get along with the client, or don’t like the type of case, they sigh and sign the client anyway. After all, any business is good business, right?

Not necessarily. You may be keeping your head above water, but you’re not going to have the law practice you want—and certainly not the free time to enjoy yourself.

Consider the following before you take another case (or another phone call) you don’t really want:

  • Being available isn’t always positive. If you have a question for your doctor, do you call his cellphone, or do you leave a message and have him return your call when he isn’t busy? How would it change your opinion of him as a doctor if he was sitting by his phone all day?
  • Your clients affect your referrals. You may think that signing clients you don’t want will at least net you referrals in the future. Unfortunately, you’ll likely bring in more of the same: cases you don’t want in practice areas you don’t enjoy.
  • Selectiveness benefits both of you. You would never be unprofessional to any client, even if you didn’t enjoy his company or case. But you know you are more excited about certain cases, and the enthusiasm shows. Allowing customers who aren’t a good fit for you to move on gives you both an opportunity to find someone more suited.

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