There are so many lawyer advertising ideas that you could try for your small law firm. Why should you take the time to write a book? Quite simply, a book is a valuable legal marketing tool that is hard to match because it does your marketing work for you. Below, our legal marketing consultants will explain why you might want to set aside some time today to get started on your new book.

Your Book Will Work For You

Once the book is written, it will do your law firm marketing work for you! Putting a book on a good website that gets the traffic that you want can improve your reputation and provide you with valuable client leads.

  • The media may find it and contact you when an issue arises in your practice area. When a new bankruptcy law passes or a texting-and-driving accident occurs, the media may look for an experienced lawyer to interview. If you have a book, that person could be you! Think of how many potential clients you could reach with an interview on the local news.
  • You collect contact information when someone requests your book. You can use that contact information to connect with that potential client in the future.
  • You automatically send a follow-up email after someone has downloaded your book. Some of the follow-up work can be done automatically when proper systems are in place and require no additional work from you!

Need More Innovative Lawyer Advertising Ideas?

All you have to do is request a FREE chapter of our book, Great Legal Marketing, browse the resources available on our website, and call us at 703.591.9829 to discuss your small law firm marketing ideas.
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