Why “Brand Identity” Isn’t Enough

The majority of marketers will try to sell you on the idea of developing your brand identity, otherwise known as your image. And while, yes, you need to project a specific, cohesive image for your law firm, a lot of marketing consultants talk a good game, but fail to understand one of the key components of brand identity - growing your herd.

Your herd is the group of loyal customers and clients upon whom you can rely to give you repeat business and/or positive word-of-mouth advertising. They are your advocates and you need to understand the value that your fan-base plays in your overall legal marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, I've met far too many lawyers who get caught up with marketers who are intent on selling them a catchy jingle or a catchphrase. So, fine; you've got a nice little slogan, but do you think that's all that it takes to really build a solid foundation of clients? Of course not.

There's no shortage of marketing consultants who act like they've got the magic formula for you to grow your business and your herd, but will fail at that task. Or, they charge an arm and a leg and they maintain the upper hand in the relationship. Why give all the power to someone else?

Successful entrepreneurs know the value of taking charge of their lives and not having to rely on other people for all of the answers. My strategy focuses on giving you the tools you need to free yourself from useless marketing strategies that simply don't deliver. 

A lot of marketers will try to sell you on the importance of brand identity, but in the end, all they'll give you is an empty promise, or a worthless catchphrase and jingle.

The strategies outlined in my book, Great Legal Marketing, cut through the fluff and give you the real nuts and bolts you need to become a successful entrepreneur! Contact Great Legal Marketing today to learn more about the Ben Glass approach to legal marketing that actually works. - (703) 591-9829

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