It can seem frustrating that a short phrase – less than sentence – can take a long time, and a lot of effort, to create. Yet, the title of your content and the subheadings that you include in your content may be the most important words on the page. Understanding why they are so important may help you create better titles and subheadings and it may help your innovative legal marketing strategy succeed.

What Makes Titles or Headlines Important?

Titles, headlines, and subheadings are important to your law firm marketing strategy because well-written titles, headlines, and subheadings allow:
  • Readers to quickly gauge whether the content is of interest to them.
  • Readers to browse the sections of content that matter to them.
  • You to draw readers in with a few compelling words.
  • Spiders and search engines to find your content because of well-placed key phrases in titles and headlines.

For these reasons, it is hard to think of other phrases on your page that are as important as you titles and subtitles.

Understanding Is Only the First Step to Innovative Legal Marketing

Once you understand the importance of titles and subheadings to your content and to the success of your small law firm marketing it is time to implement those ideas and to create a successful attorney marketing plan.
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