A key factor in all successful advertising involves the capacity to see what you are selling from the perspective of your potential client. 

Let’s face it: most individuals facing bankruptcy aren’t coming to you from the most enviable place in life. They’ve been struggling for a long time, they probably didn’t end up in debt through especially happy circumstances, and, most importantly, they might still be sorting through some hefty denial about their situation.

Keep in mind, when you are planning out your marketing strategy for the coming months, that the person researching your bankruptcy library tonight may not call tomorrow. It could be weeks before he finally put his hand on the phone.

Here are some things to keep in mind when building content for bankruptcy attorney prospects:
  • Avoid condescending or judgmental language at all costs. Remember, most families are just a hospital stay away from financial ruin. Make it clear that your first priority is helping, not criticizing. You don’t want to scare away any bankruptcy prospects.
  • Keeping this in mind, find a way to directly confront the possibility that your prospect might be stalling on contacting an attorney. Gently convey that the longer an individual waits on exploring her options, the fewer options she will have.
  • Try to stay visible in the advertising venues you’ve selected from one month to the next. A prospect may return to that same publication a few weeks later in the hopes of finding your contact information, only to find you are no longer listed there.

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