You’ve won an important case, and you want to get as much exposure as you can by writing a press release to alert the media. After all, releases are just another part of your marketing, right?

Yes and no. While press releases should point readers back to your website, they must be written very differently than your other online content. Here are some tips for proper press release composition and optimization:

  • Speak in the third person. Press releases are meant to be coverage of someone else’s achievement, so do not say “we” or “our firm” when describing the story.
  • Stick to the facts. Your goal is to inform the readers that something new or interesting has taken place within your firm, so avoid editorializing the events.
  • Pick one or two key phrases. Your headline and first paragraph should contain key phrases that reinforce the news angle of the story. If your release is only one or two paragraphs, these phrases are enough. Do not over-stuff your release with keywords and links; news sites easily detect and discard such articles.
  • Use a reputable source link. Press releases are supposed to represent hard news, so use at least one hyperlink that sends your reader to a court opinion or other verified news source that has covered the decision.
  • Include a company bio. You should include a short blurb at the end of the release as a summary and introduction to your firm. Include a keyworded link back to your site, but do not use any obvious marketing copy.

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