It’s understandable that attorneys don’t have the time to create powerful online content for their websites, but what isn’t quite so understandable is that some don’t see the point in investing in it. Many lawyers will make the mistake of thinking that writing web content is the same as writing any other ad copy: include a large headline to attract attention and place a phone number at the bottom of the page.

Savvier attorneys, however, know that the difference between online content and print ads is a difference that can make or break your law firm’s marketing. Here are a few key things to keep in mind about online vs. printed content:

  • Online content lasts longer. Newspaper may be used to wrap fish the next day, but the content on the Internet isn’t so ephemeral. It’s archived, tagged, and categorized, so having too many “off days” in your content is going to catch up with you.
  • Online content is searchable and linkable. Your print ads can wind up in the gutter or molder in the backs of phonebooks when they’re past their usefulness, but linked and optimized online content will continue to point customers in your direction years after it’s written.
  • Online content is interactive. The days of two-dimensional advertising are long gone. Your website has to include multiple forms of media in order to attract viewers, and that means making photos, videos, and presentations part of your everyday content.

Remember: the best law firm marketing websites are media machines. They work across several platforms and make it easy for customers to jump between them, allowing attorneys to track their progress from behind a curtain all the way. To find out how to improve your law firm’s marketing campaign, download a free sample chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book today.

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