If you spend a little time on our website or speak to one of our Great Legal Marketing consultants, you will notice that we encourage lawyers to write books and provide extensive free materials on their websites. We often receive questions about this advice. For example, bankruptcy attorneys want to know why their bankruptcy lawyer marketing materials should include a book such as All About Bankruptcy or Everything You Need to Know to File Bankruptcy. After all, if you tell prospective clients everything, why will they need you?

The Truth is That Educated Clients Benefit You and You Don’t Have to Give up All Your Secrets

The more clients who are contemplating bankruptcy understand about the process, the better it is for the client and for you. The potential clients who contact you for help and understand the process may be more likely to hire you quickly than potential clients who are just beginning to gather information.

Additionally, a book will show that you are here to help people thinking about bankruptcy. You don’t need to be afraid to share all of your secrets because the people who read your book will realize how knowledgeable you are and how important you may be to their case before they even contact you. They will realize what is at stake if they file for bankruptcy and they won’t want to do it alone.

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