Why You Should Ask Clients to Submit Online Reviews About Your Law Firm

When it comes to online reviews, many attorneys are nervous about the whole process.  They aren't sure how best to approach their client about the process, and they aren't sure when is the best time to ask.

Well, it's time to set aside those fears and to jump in feet-first to the process.  And here's why:

  • Another way to reach out - These online reviews are like free-floating referrals and testimonials that help consumers make better informed decisions about the attorney in question.
  • Google power! - More and more, being found online means taking advantage of every area that is available, not just writing content for your own site.  Use the backlinks from sites such as AVVO and SuperLawyers to beef up your search engine optimization strategies.
  • Stand out in a sea of negativity - The view that most people have of attorneys isn't exactly a friendly one.  Taking control of the review process by asking for them from satisfied clients means that you will be the only law practice on the block that has raving fans!  People are used to seeing a look of negative comments online, which means that your positive reviews will truly stand out and potentially make someone actually excited to contact an attorney knowing the great experiences others have had with you.
  • Build up the need for great client experiences - If more attorneys were to take part in the soliciting of online reviews from clients, it would go a long way in building up the reputation of the profession since other attorneys would be forced to take notice of these things and improve their own service.

So how do you actually go about getting these reviews?  Well, you should ask the client for one at the peak point in their happiness with your service - probably when you've finally settled the case and the long process is coming to end.  Make it easy for them to submit the review and direct them to the places to go online to do so.

Use their enthusiasm over the excellent service you have provided to build a strong online reputation that is good for your law practice and those in need of legal help out there.  Don't be afraid of the process - use it to your advantage! 
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