If you’re running a fledgling law firm trying to stay ahead of the competition, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to be able to compete with such a small advertising budget. Radio ads can cost a fortune—something that other firms can safely invest, but you’re barely able to pay your office rent. Should you risk taking the plunge?

When it comes to new marketing ideas, the big mistake isn’t taking a risk—it’s not knowing whether the risk was worth it. Seasoned marketers know that any advertising method worth trying is worth tracking—and that goes for radio ads as well.

Here are three ways you can track your law firm’s radio ad:

  • Unique website. Send your listeners to a unique URL where you can easily track hits, locations, and other demographic information. A page of your website isn’t good enough; you need to limit the visitors to only those who heard the ad for accurate results.
  • Tracking phone number. Many marketing firms offer trackable toll-free numbers that are used solely to track one piece of marketing. These are highly beneficial for radio spots, since phone numbers are easier to recall from memory than long web addresses.
  • Exit polls. This is a cruder version of the two methods above, but you have the luxury of asking clients you have already signed and whose cases you enjoyed, allowing you to attract more like them. If none of your past clients has ever heard your radio ad, your campaign could probably stand reworking.

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