We’ve talked a lot about how interesting ad copy is essential to building a great legal webpage. This is because your site needs to be optimized for search engines, but also for human readers—the ones who will quickly seek out the competition if you don’t keep their interest.

So how can you tell if your copy is appealing to your readers? That’s a great question, and it’s worth asking. You’d be surprised how many attorneys assume that their writing is faultless, but never seem to get any inquiries to hear more.

Here are four ways to be sure your readers will click away within seconds:

  • Boring your readers. Law briefs make for a lot of dull writing, which makes even more dry reading. Don’t be afraid to punch up your articles and blog posts with some attention-getting language.
  • Talking down to your audience. Don’t try to impress your readers by making them think you know more than they do. Nobody likes a know-it-all, even if you do know it all.
  • Using legal jargon. Your audience might not know what tort law is, but they are even more likely not to care. Always use layman’s terms on your site, and if you absolutely have to use a legal term, explain what it means.
  • Yesterday’s news. If your front page still features articles that are past their prime, your readers are going to assume you are similarly behind the curve.

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Since referrals are important in the industry, it's recommended to keep in touch with clients over time. This can be done though social media and newsletter marketing. Once you get someone to your site you need to answer their question and appear as a trusted resource.
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