Marketing methods for attorneys abound. But your quest for an easier business, better clients, and more money ultimately has little to do with the tactics you choose.


Tactics are important, obviously. But tactics disconnected from a strategy don’t lead you very far. So how do you find the right strategy? There is no paint-by-numbers answer to this question.


Ultimately, you must go on a quest to define what sets your firm apart—or what could set your firm apart. This caveat is critical. Developing your unique selling proposition (USP) is not so much about identifying what you do now that makes you particularly valuable. It’s about identifying what you couldbe extremely good at, if you realized your and your firm’s full potential.


That difference is important. It’s important because it opens you up to new possibilities. For instance, say you're very good at getting cases to move quickly through the bureaucracy. You may not the fastest kid on the block… yet. But you love going fast, and you believe that, one day, you could even be far more fast and efficient—perhaps the most efficient attorney in your specialty in your geographic region.


Once you understand that you have this potential, you can then work on building your firm towards becoming the local “express legal shop.” Then you can build your marketing machine to highlight and emphasize why you are so fast, why speed is good, et cetera. Defining your USP in terms of what you can be great at, in other words, gives you a kind of North Star to focus your marketing efforts: criteria to make better decisions.


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