Now that your website has increased your law firm’s call volume, you’re rightly wondering how to improve the phone experience to bring the customer closer to your front door. Basically, there are three different approaches you can take when it comes to evaluating your incoming calls:

  • Tracking. You may already have a basic tracking program in place that will give you the “stats” of your incoming calls. Valuable information can be gathered from just this system, such as the number and length of calls, allowing you to judge whether your staff members have had enough time to make a connection with the customer.
  • Feedback. There are a number of third-party consultants who offer “mystery caller” services to give you an outsider’s perspective of your firm’s phone performance. The caller will take notes and evaluate your staff member’s responses, allowing you to meet with your employees separately to discuss their behavior.
  • Recording. This involves making a digital recording of all inbound and outbound phone calls. While this is more expensive than tracking the numbers and statistics of your phone calls, it has the advantage of letting you hear what is going right (and going wrong) in every one of your customer calls. You will also be able to identify technological or training problems, such as lost opportunities due to dropped calls.

No matter which option you choose, your goal is gauging your marketing’s return on investment. If you don’t know what’s working (and how well it’s working), you’ll never know which marketing tactics are worth it, and which are just throwing money away.

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