Writing a legal book is an excellent attorney marketing tool for lawyers. By providing potential clients with this guide, the lawyer can effectively educate the client on the need for an attorney. The book or guide will also teach the client how to choose among the sea of attorneys available by highlighting the important characteristics necessary for effective representation.
In order to improve the legal marketing effectiveness of your book, incorporate the following four tips:
  • Make the book available electronically to potential clients for quick and easy access.
  • Make the book readable by writing in clear, easy to understand language. Avoid legalese wherever possible. 
  • Make the book accessible to potential clients before they talk or meet with you. The idea is to educate the client on the need for legal representation before ever meeting to discuss your services.
  • Understand that oftentimes when potential clients are researching the legal issue that they are facing, they are feeling overwhelmed, scared, and confused. Write the book with a sympathetic and compassionate tone to earn the trust of potential clients.
Utilizing these four steps will maximize the law firm advertising potential of your book. Writing this book or guide involves a large commitment of time and finances. Therefore, taking appropriate steps to increase its effectiveness is a wise investment.
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