You know by now that boring your online readers is a sure way to send them to a competitor’s site. You’re not going to fall into that trap again: you’ve rewritten your website copy to appeal to your visitors’ emotions, and you’re making sure to add keywords for those robots who rank your site.

But if you don’t know how to change your meta-keyword tags, you’re likely composing poetry that’s falling on deaf ears.

Meta-keyword tags are the title descriptions of each page of your website (for example, on this page, the words in the address bar that come after In many cases, business owners are unaware that these addresses can be edited—and are also unaware that the tags are searched for keywords by search engine spiders. Simply leaving them as-is after uploading a page is one of the biggest legal marketing mistakes you can make—but also one that is easily corrected.

When editing your law firm’s meta-keyword tags:

  • Keep it simple. The difference between writing for robots and writing for human readers is that robots like to be bored. They don’t have any emotions to appeal to; they’re looking for the cold hard facts of every sentence. You can make them happy by making your titles and descriptions as boring as possible.
  • Keep it short. Think of a meta tag like a news headline: you’ve got very little space, so stick to the facts. Include key phrases to answer who, what, when, and where in as few words as possible.
  • Keep it straightforward. Your descriptions should address two things: your target client’s problem and how you can solve it. Don’t get bogged down in details; that’s what your written content is for!

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