Yea, the Yellow Pages Arrived at My House! Long live the Yellow Pages

YellowBook - Last call for lawyers?The Yellow Pages arrived at my house...or, more acurately, the YelowBook.

Almost 1100 pages of local business ads and listings.

Typical "vulture" stuff. They sell one plumber a space ad on the front cover then they sell one of his competitors a stick on magnet that covers part of his ad! Neither ad is very good.

The lawyer ads are the typical "we care for you stuff." One even has a picture of law books in it! This year, following a trend, there are several national ads from companies (not always law firms) that can help with disability claims or tax relief. The "neat" part there is that they can run ads that totally violate the Virginia Bar's legal ethics in advertising rules because (1) the don't have offices in Virginia and (2) some of them aren't even lawyers.

It's a beautiful world, isn't it?

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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