You are the average of the Five People You Hang out with the most

Surround yourself with winners who are as focused and committed to building the practice they want, not just accepting the practice that walks in the door.

What you will learn in one cold day in January.

Here’s a short list. Go ahead and compare it to the last “marketing seminar” brochure you got from your state bar (the one where they tell you all the things you can’t do to build your practice.)

1.    Why a mindset change is the most important change you can make for 2008

2.     How to build a “herd” of people who will do your marketing for you, for free

3.     How to become a better leader within your practice and your life

4.     How and why to become absolutely militant with your time. (If your NO means nothing then neither will your YES.)

5.    Why the headline is the most important part of an ad (quick: what’s YOUR headline say?)

6.    How to create marketing material that ethically proves that you are the obvious expert in your practice area

7.    Why and how to  become a published author (hint: go to and search for “The Truth About Lawyer Advertising” to see what I did)

8.    Where, if you are just getting started, you should be spending your marketing dollars FIRST (it isn’t what you think)

9.    How to build effective video ads for your website that will make potential clients say, as one said to me recently  “your video answered our question and was THE reason we called you.”

10.    Why your marketing should be on autopilot (and I’ll show you HOW)

11.    How members of my mastermind group have taken my ideas and improved upon them AND taken those ideas to other practice niches with huge success. (They’ll be there and you will have open access to them)

12.    How and why to publish interesting newsletters that get opened and read.

13.    How to take back control of your time. (No, it’s not an “A”, “B” “C” list of to-do’s)

14.    Why every marketing piece you use should have an offer in it (and the offer is NOT, “free consultation”)

15.    Building your perfect team

16.    The mindset that is required to set AND keep your goals

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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