You Are What Your Lawyer Website Links To

We've all heard stories of malicious websites that fill your computer with viruses and spyware the second you click on their link. While it's probably not very likely you'll be linking to these malevolent sites, you do need to be cautious. Many Internet security programs are now verifying search engine results as being healthy or dangerous sites with special icons next to their entries.

If you are linking to websites that are not verified as safe by Internet security firms, you may be harming your own search engine rankings.
To test how healthy your site links are, head to Google and search for your own lawyer website. If your Internet security verifies it, you're good to go. If not, you should check the sites you're linking to.

Many sites are flagged dangerous because they have bad third-party advertising on them. While they're not necessarily dangerous themselves, their banner ads may be, so you need to avoid linking to them.

Also remember that when you link to another website, you're endorsing them as a trusted source you associate with. If you wouldn't tell a client to their face that the information on X website is trustworthy, don't link to it. Your goal is to be seen as a knowledgeable source of legal information, so you should only be linking to the best of the best on your lawyer website.

There are many other tips and things you need to know when working on getting your lawyer website found on the Internet. My article covers the basics of how search engine rankings work, as well as other important ways to be found.   

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