As Facebook has gained in popularity over the last few years, it hasn't escaped the notice of the people who run this website that individuals often post comments that they regret—and that they wish they could go back in time and delete.

Well, guess what: fairly recently, Facebook rolled out a feature that does, in fact, allow you to edit or delete a post you make on another person's discussion thread. The big hitch is that you have to act within a couple of minutes of entering the post, after which it's “frozen in time” and incapable of being deleted. (This doesn't apply to threads you start on your own Facebook page; since you're the administrator of your page, you always have the option of deleting those if you feel you were too insulting or failed to get your facts straight.)

What is the best way to take advantage of Facebook's “edit or delete” button? As a general rule, after you have commented on another person's Facebook discussion, you should carefully read over what you have said twice: once, before you hit the “post comment” button, and a second time, immediately after you have added your comment to the discussion. If you feel you haven't gotten your point across, or that you came on too strong and may cause offense, simply click the “delete” option and the post will disappear before anyone has a chance to see it. Or, once you click the “edit” button, you will have as much time as you need to clean up your post before it becomes virtually indelible!

At Great Legal Marketing, we know how important it is for lawyers to strike the right tone when commenting on Facebook—too strong, or too controversial, and you may incur heaps of negative publicity. Questions? Contact our lawyer marketing team at 888-791-2150 to find out what we can do for you!

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