If you're planning to promote your law firm with a free giveaway, it helps to know what your target audience is. Virtually everyone drinks coffee, and has to keep track of appointments, so you can't go wrong with a personalized coffee mug or a magnetic refrigerator calendar. The trouble is, because these items are so useful, your freebie may wind up getting lost in the mix—after all, what if that potential client already has a magnetic refrigerator calendar given to him by his local drugstore?

Depending on what type of clients you're hoping to attract, you can tailor your giveaway campaign by sending out a less ubiquitous, but more useful, item that will appeal to a narrower audience. Some ideas include:

  • A personalized pill counter for elderly clients who need to keep track of their prescriptions
  • For drivers, a visor clip or ice scraper with your law firm's name on it
  • Do your clients love to golf? Personalized tees and golf balls might be the way to go.

One of the advantages of sending out a more unusual giveaway is that this will show current and potential clients that you have an area of specialty they can relate to, which will set you apart from all those general-interest firms and their calendars and coffee mugs. In the worst case, the recipient immediately throws out the item—at which point that scraper may well find its way into another potential client's vehicle! Want to know more? Contact the lawyer marketing consultants at Great Legal Marketing (888-791-2150) today for additional insights into promoting your law firm.

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