Very few lawyers are so specialized that they can summarize their practice in three or four words. For example, a given attorney may spend part of his billable time on serious personal injury litigation, part on divorce cases, and part on speeding tickets. For this reason, it can be very difficult to come up with a comprehensive “key phrase” that anchors your practice's website—which is why you need to be strategic when deciding what kind of search inquiries you want to attract!

That's why so many lawyers create multiple websites for their firms, each one devoted to a specific key phrase. If you want to attract personal injury clients, you build a site around the keyword “Chicago personal injury attorney”—and if you want to attract clients undergoing a divorce, you launch a separate site built around “Chicago divorce lawyer.” (Don't worry about the cost of maintaining three or four separate sites; having a presence on the web is very cheap nowadays!)

Another possibility is to build your practice's home page around the key phrase that generates most of your business. If 50 percent of your revenue derives from personal injury cases, you can keep “Chicago personal injury lawyer” for your home page, then build the subsidiary practice pages around “Chicago divorce lawyer” and “Chicago speeding ticket lawyer.” The worst that can happen is that a potential client looking to get his speeding ticket fixed will land on one of your practice pages, rather than your home page—and since your speeding ticket page will have all of the information necessary for him to get in touch, you haven't lost anything in the bargain.

At Great Legal Marketing, we know how stress-inducing it can be to concoct key phrases that describe your practice and place high in Google results. Need more lawyer advertising ideas? Download your free chapter of Ben Glass’s Great Legal Marketing book, and contact our lawyer marketing mavens at 888-791-2150 to find out what we can do for you!

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