You Did a Good Job. So What?

We cleaned house here recently at BenGlassLaw. Literally. Not people, but stuff. Took half a day, rearranged some offices and tracked down and threw out a ton of stuff. You know, old blowups of trial exhibits we saved “just in case we might need it someday”; some old furniture; old computer cables that don’t plug into anything being made in 2016; even an old cassette player that I had to explain to some of the young folks.

We got rid of the stuff by calling one of those “you call us and we’ll take it to the dump/recycling center for you” outfits. So, I got to play customer. Now, I get to play “satisfied customer.”

The sales process was easy. “Googled” them. First thing I saw was one of those banner ads that solved my problem. “We’ll get take your old stuff away fast.”  That’s what I was looking for.

Clicked on it. They had a “we can be there tomorrow if you want to schedule right now and tell us what kind of junk you have” button. They were talking to me. That WAS what I was looking for. I’m a decider. No need to spend more than 8 minutes looking. Scheduling was easy and they confirmed quickly by email. Told me when they would be there and that they would call about 30 minutes before they got here to confirm.

They did all that great. They called. They came. They picked up and took all our crap and the price was right. Great service. I’m a raving fan.

Then, crickets. There’s been no follow up at all. Not even a “thanks for doing business with us email.” (Thanking someone by email only sucks, but sometimes that’s all you get.) I swear, I don’t even know who it was anymore. They have a raving fan. They did everything right. They haven’t asked for a review. They haven’t encouraged me to refer. They haven’t offered an incentive for me to do anything. 

Call me dense for not knowing who I hired and paid, but all I remember right now is that this genre of business is good. (In my defense, all I did was schedule them. I wasn’t here when they came.) I don’t remember their name and can’t evangelize for them. I could go look up the receipt, but that’s not how I roll.

I now conclude they are morons because they have missed a huge opportunity. See, it’s not enough to be the best at most everything you do. You gotta make them remember you, too.

Ben Glass
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