You Never Know When You Will Get Your Next Legal Marketing Idea

You could be sitting in the waiting room at the dentist office, or you might be in line at the local fast food chain, when the next great marketing idea pops into your mind. If you don’t have a notepad handy, that groundbreaking, earth-shattering idea might disappear.

As a lawyer, note taking is something that has become second nature. You took notes when you were in high school, college and of course, law school. We are trained to take notes at meetings, depositions and trials. Why is it that we don’t transfer this same note taking behavior into other areas of our business? This skill will most certainly help you when you are working on your legal marketing campaign.

Below are some simple tips to get you in the habit of taking notes wherever you go:
  1. Carry a notepad with you. Several years ago, I met a millionaire entrepreneur who carried a small, leather-covered notepad in his coat pocket. He would take the notepad out at various times during conversation to write things down. This habit definitely worked for him. After all, he did make millions.
  2. Pay attention to what’s going on around you. Look for ways to apply what you hear and see to your business.
  3. Use the notes you write. Writing notes is one thing, implementing what you have written down is another. Take the ideas you have placed in your notebook and find a way to use them in your legal marketing.

If you truly want to succeed in business, make sure your note taking skills are put to good use.

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