There are sometimes differing opinions on how a law firm should be run. It’s no secret that sometime lawyers make pretty good money, and that’s not really a bad thing. People often see the free consultations and occasional pro bono work as what lawyers always do—or at least what lawyers should always do. But this really isn’t the case, because lawyers have to eat and probably provide for a family.

It’s hard for some people actively to run a law firm as a business. Managing a law firm is a job that requires a great deal of time, money, and dedication. The trouble comes when the person in charge of running the business is more interested in the legal craft than in entrepreneurship. You can do all the pro bono work you want, but remember that there is a bottom line that must be met.

It’s not a bad thing to run a firm for profit. One resource that is too often untapped is that younger lawyers, new to the firm, can help with the mindset of running the firm as a business.

The power of youth

Youth in a law firm is a good combination of fresh training and a passion for getting started in the legal world. It’s important to get young lawyers active in the firm in a variety of areas. They have a good view of what can pull people into a law office that might be different from older staff members who have been working the area for a while.

These new ideas can be applied both in the courtroom and also in the business end of the company. New ideas can push a law firm’s marketing strategy from bland to cutting-edge, bringing in a new spectrum of potential clients. Switching up the status quo can help put a law firm above its competition.

Getting your younger associates involved in law firm promotion and management decisions can be an essential part of their apprenticeship. You get the benefit of a fresh perspective. The new lawyers learn that there is much more to the legal world than how to dress for court appearances.

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