If you've gone to business school, in addition to law school, you can be forgiven for assuming that a “client service system” is an automated software suite that keeps tabs on your law firm's existing and potential clients and updates their information. That's true, as far as it goes, and no practice will get very far these days without implementing the appropriate client tracking, billing and retention software. But what you may not realize is that your flesh-and-blood employees—associates, paralegals, administrative assistants—are also integral parts of your client service system, and if they fail in their duties even the cleverest software in the world can't save you.

Given that you probably invested a fair amount of time and forethought into installing the best possible software client retention program, you'd be doing yourself and your firm a disservice if you dropped the ball when it came to your real-life employees.

It goes without saying that the people who work at your law firm should be courteous to associates, easy to work with, diligent about getting things right, flexible about working extra hours, and (of course) talented at the duties they're expected to perform. But each and every one of them also functions as one of the public faces of your firm, and they are components in your law firm marketing efforts. Any less-than-ideal interaction with a potential or existing client can cost you money and damage your word-of-mouth in the community. It will do you no good to install an automated software system that emails friendly reminders to clients if the person who answers their phone calls is rude and abrupt!

At Great Legal Marketing, we know what important links your employees are in your firm's client service system—and that they need to be trained right to bring the best possible benefit to your practice. Want to know more? Contact our lawyer marketing professionals at 888-791-2150 for a free consultation today!

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