Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have dozens of ideas for online attorney videos. However, as you’ve probably guessed, that first script can be especially rough. 

Chances are you’ll initially have some difficulty breaking away from seeing the video as a component of an online resume. Whether we like it or not, though, potential clients aren’t coming to your website to be impressed by your credentials.

What you want to provide with your video is a take away for your viewers.
Since you haven’t made a lawyer marketing video before, you might want to start with the very basics: 
  • What a lawsuit really is.
  • Situations that might call for a personal injury lawsuit.
  • How a lawsuit is filed.
  • What will happen when you are in court.
  • How an attorney can help improve the odds of winning your case.

Potential clients come to your website to learn more about their options in the wake of an accident. Most individuals have never needed legal representation before, and don’t even have very basic knowledge about the legal system. Helping a prospective client understand basic information about their case will give them a foothold on the situation so they can take the next step and make the call.

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