The word “book” has different meanings to different people.

If you studied comparative literature in college, you probably visualize massive tomes like Vanity Fair or Anna Karenina, but if you're a big fan of reality TV shows, you may think of slim, easily digested “McBooks” devoted to the current season of Survivor or American Idol. And, if you're a person in need of legal representation, a “book” to you connotes an easy way to learn the ins and outs of your prospective lawsuit, including mistakes to avoids and things to keep in mind when hiring a lawyer.

For this reason, if you are a lawyer who wants to entice prospective clients with a free book offer on your website, you needn't worry if your book lacks the requisite amount of “heft” to be taken seriously by a reviewer at The New York Times. Your book doesn't even really have to be a book, but only a glorified pamphlet, as long as it contains the information a client is looking for (and as long as you offer it for free—people don't like to spend $29.95 for something they can read on their way from the kitchen table to the bathroom).

In fact, your book needn't be in print at all; the vast majority of “free book” offers by lawyers consist of easily emailed “E-books” (electronic books) that can be downloaded onto prospective clients' computers and then erased when they're no longer needed.

Of course, you will still need to sit down and write your book—but you'd be surprised at how quickly you can churn out 5,000 or so words on an area of law that you know as well as the back of your hand. Want to learn more? Contact the lawyer marketing professionals at Great Legal Marketing (888-791-2150) for a free consultation today!

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