I am writing to thank you for some of the great ideas you have shared in your Great Legal Marketing materials.

I needed to find another associate after one of my existing lawyers had an "entrepreneurial seizure" and decided to form his own form. I created a long advertisement based on the letters in your GLM marketing materials. I was astounded on the number of people who applied who had exactly what I was looking for! In the past, I did generic ads, and got both a fairly low response rate and an even lower number of respondents who were the right fit for the position. This experience alone is worth what I have paid to GLM thus far.

I am hoping to have similar success stories to report in the future on my marketing efforts. I published my first book, The Insider's Guide to Texas Car Accident Cases, and have started running television commercials pushing the book. I hired Foster to redo my website. And I just sent out my first newsletter to 1,600 current and former clients.

Thanks for everything.


Michael Cowen

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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