No one lawyer can—or should necessarily want to—single-handedly counteract the public perception of lawyers as greedy, underhanded ambulance chasers. This is way too big a job for one person, or even one good-sized law firm: lawyers have been depicted this way for hundreds of years, even by Shakespeare, and they're too good a punchline ever to be voluntarily relinquished by the popular media.

By marketing your law firm in a strictly ethical and above-board manner, however, you can do your part to give lawyers the good name they (mostly) deserve.

Do your friends take issue with medical malpractice cases, claiming that they cause doctors to order unnecessary tests and drive up the price of health care for everyone? Explain in your ad that, often, medical malpractice lawsuits are the only way to get hospitals to admit their mistakes and improve their procedures.

Do you hear talking heads on TV complaining about class-action lawsuits, and how lawyers take such a big cut of the proceeds? Point out in your legal practice marketing materials that class-action lawsuits are the most economical way to recoup damages for the largest number of people at the same time, and that the vast majority of plaintiffs appreciate—rather than resent—a lawyer's work on the case.

Whatever you do, though, don't stoop down to the lowest common denominator and run brash, irritating ads on TV of the “sue now, ask questions later” variety, which give a bad name to all lawyers, no matter what their specialty.

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