One of the misconceptions lawyers have about their monthly newsletter is that it always has to be about them—interesting cases they've handled, information about their specialties, updates on their personal lives, etc. In fact, though, there are two ways you can enlist other people and business into helping fill out your newsletter:

  • Ask a business owner in your community to write an item for your newsletter, if it's at all pertinent to your area of expertise. This person doesn't necessarily have to be a client—in fact, it's better if he's not, because asking him to do this can itself be a powerful marketing tool. He'll be flattered, you'll get someone else to write a big chunk of your newsletter, and you may potentially sign him up as a client down the road.
  • Instead of writing about your own practice, take it upon yourself to write about a business or individual in your community who you especially admire (once again, preferably, if what you have to say pertains in some way to your area of practice). That person will be pleasantly surprised, and he may even choose to print out your newsletter and post it on his wall for other potential clients to see.

Of course, you shouldn't devote the bulk of your newsletter, on a regular basis, to other businesses—after all, the point is to promote your law firm. But you could, potentially, reserve a spot every month for a quick sketch of another person or business, or a guest item written by someone in your community.

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