Our legal marketing consultants have often heard the complaint that our methods take too long to produce results. Of course, our methods don’t “take too long,” they take perseverance—something not all attorneys have.

Many attorneys believe that letting a client walk out the door without signing a contract is the biggest mistake they can make, when in fact, it’s a much bigger mistake to rely on scare tactics and panic-inducing ad copy.

Our legal marketing team is responsible for tracking the time between injury and signed fee agreement for our largest cases. They found that it will typically take two months to a year after the customer’s initial inquiry with the firm and the signing of a contract. It’s not the marketing that takes time to work—it’s the clients.

Always remember that a customer will hire you when they want to hire you: when they are comfortable with pursuing a case, and when they have become a loyal follower of your legal advice. That cannot be done in 30 seconds of shouting phone numbers at a wide television audience. You have a chance to build a personal relationship with your customers, getting them to trust you and see you as an authority.

In addition, many attorneys will cease to market to clients after they have not heard a response within the first six months, assuming that the client has moved onto another attorney or has given up on the case. So when that client (who is still making up his mind about taking legal action) finally makes a decision, who is he going to call first? The one who gave up, or the one who kept in touch?

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