Your USP Can Be the Face of Your Legal Marketing

You see it all the time with local car dealerships; unique selling propositions that make you identify that business with more than just cars. Some dealerships use their kids, their pets, or whatever else is unique about them in order to stand out from the other dealerships in their area. Suddenly it's not "that Toyota dealer up the road" it's "that dealership with the cute border collie commercials." They've got a unique selling proposition, even if they're not selling puppies.

It may seem misleading to be using something unrelated to your practice to sell your legal services. It's highly unlikely if your clients are searching for lawyers that they'll mistake you for a dog breeder if you use pictures of your pets in your lawyer advertising. Remember again that your unique selling proposition is just the hook to get them to want to find out more.

You should develop your unique selling proposition to be the gimmick of your legal marketing. There's no danger in being known as "the motorcycle lawyer" or "the crazy tie lawyer" - people are often bad with names, but good about remembering trivial details. The goal of your lawyer advertising is to make your services unforgettable.

There's a lot to consider when developing your unique selling proposition because it's the first thing that will hopefully draw your next client to find out more. My article covers the finer points of developing your unique selling proposition and why it's so important to your legal marketing.

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