Internet users are notoriously fickle—and especially Internet users in immediate need of a lawyer.

If you've just arrived home with (for example) a citation for reckless driving, you're not going to be a model of patience when you log onto your computer and try to find an attorney who can help you out of your mess. If the website you land on doesn't immediately answer your questions or engage your attention, you'll X it out in favor of the next one in your queue—which hopefully better suits your needs.

What does this mean if you're a lawyer who specializes in (again, for example) reckless driving violations? It means that you don't have the luxury of devoting the top half, or even one-third, of your home page to your picture, your fancy logo, and a panoramic skyline of the city where you practice. What a prospective client needs to see when he lands on your page (after, for example, typing “Detroit reckless driving lawyer” into Google) is a headline that addresses his problem. “Dewey, Cheatham and Howe – Respected Lawyers Since 1937,” accompanied by a group portrait,  isn't going to do the trick; what you need is something more along the lines of “Cited for Reckless Driving? Don't Know What to Do? Here's How Our Law Firm Can Help!”

The trick is to get that prospective client to linger on your site for a couple of seconds longer than he would otherwise—and once that couple of seconds turns into a few minutes, he's as good as in the bag (and might even take you up on your “would you like to discuss this case right now?” pop-up IM window).

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