Your Website is Your Internet Image

Any client who finds you through the Internet will most likely interact with your website before setting foot in your office. Even if they found your name through a linked blog entry, or saw your name on a legal directory, they'll eventually end up on your website looking for your contact information.

If your site design and content haven't been updated since you created your website, it's going to turn off most clients. If you aren't taking the time to maintain your online image, what does that say about your dedication to your practice? Just as your office and business cards are reflections of the success and reputation of your practice, so is your website.

Clean, easy-to-navigate websites are not only a good reflection on your image, but they're also what drive clients to explore more. If they're looking for information, they're going to want a site that points them to exactly what they're looking for. The better your site works for your clients, the better it works for you by leading them to your doorstep.

The look of your website isn't the only thing you have to consider when making your website work for you
. My article on this topic talks more in-depth about the steps to good Web content, being found on search engines and more. 

There's a lot more to learn if you want to build your practice full of happy clients, reasonable hours and a 6-figure salary. Start by requesting a FREE copy of my marketing CD and report. Consider it a step toward transforming your law firm into a successful and highly profitable business - (703) 591-9829.

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