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Ben Glass and his team at Great Legal Marketing work with an elite mix of attorneys from virtually every practice area from personal injury to bankruptcy and beyond. We are not for everyone, in fact, while we attract many who "want" to get better we know that only about 20% of any population will do the work necessary. The difference in results has nothing to do with where your law practice is located or how much experience you have. This is all about the choices that YOU make.

By joining Great Legal Marketing, attorneys like you discover and implement proven marketing and management strategies that have transformed all kinds of practices. You will discover how to build better referral relationship, improve your internet marketing, expand into new markets, better manage your employees, and so much more – this really is a “club” for success-minded attorneys who want more than just an average practice. We take pride in having members who are ambitious, motivated, and determined attorneys who understand that their law practice is also a business.

We have an exceptional track record of changing the lives of our members. We frequently hear reports of double- and triple-digit growth from our members. And the goal achieved don’t stop there. Our members have told us that being with Great Legal Marketing has given them their lives back so they can do what they really love in life. The power of our programs has also been credited with regular month-long vacations, turning 70-hour work weeks into a highly efficient 40 hours, saving marriages, significant weight loss, countless jobs created and even improved golf scores.

We want to help you create your own success story.

Below you will find answers to our top questions about a Great Legal Marketing membership. If you are interested in becoming a member, you can click the button below to purchase our introductory package.

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How Does Great Legal Marketing Work?

Great Legal Marketing has three membership levels; Gold Marketers, Diamond Practice Builders, and MasterMind. Most attorneys start at the Gold Marketers level where they learn the basics of direct response marketing for attorneys. We provide our new members with templates, guides, and loads of other free materials to help them launch their very first marketing campaigns. After attorneys have achieved their first goal of getting more clients, they typically ascend to the Diamond Practice Builders membership.

Our Gold and Diamond programs are both monthly memberships that give you access to our materials and our marketing team. Gold members have access to our Chief Marketing Officer Charley Mann as well as access to the other Great Legal Marketing team for help with advertisements, marketing strategies, tracking, and other practice growth topics. Diamond members have more access to Ben Glass as well as access to the rest of our team.

Great Legal Marketing is NOT a done-for-you service. We are forever learners, and our members are as well. We help those attorneys who are ready to do the work needed to achieve the success they dream about for their practice.

Who Is Ben Glass?

Most people who meet attorney Ben Glass come to know him as a father of nine children (four of them adopted and five who still get on the school bus every morning), a small business advocate in Northern Virginia, a non-profit and charity supporter, and ex-marathon runner - in addition to being one of the most-reviewed attorneys in the area (see him on Avvo and Google).

Ben has spent his career practicing law in the courtrooms throughout Northern Virginia. He is a nationally recognized board-certified personal injury, medical malpractice, and disability insurance attorney in Fairfax, Virginia. He graduated from George Mason University School of Law in 1983 and has devoted his career to representing individuals against the insurance companies.

Through Ben’s experience in testing various marketing techniques for his own firm, he has discovered what truly works and has implemented his knowledge into the creation of Great Legal Marketing in 2005. Hundreds of lawyers in the United States and Canada have already joined Great Legal Marketing and are watching their practices take off.

How Do I Start A Great Legal Marketing Membership?

Great Legal Marketing's materials are not free. We have two monthly membership levels and one yearly membership level. The first step is to decide which membership level is right for you. Most attorneys start at the Gold Marketers level where they learn Great Legal Marketing's style of marketing. To start a Gold Marketers Membership, you need to purchase Practice Power Tools. Practice Power Tools is our introductory package that will kickstart your marketing journey and guide you through the first steps.

Attorneys who want a higher level of membership can start at our Diamond Practice Builder level. This is a good option if you are currently a gold member and want to enhance your membership, or you already own a successful law firm but need that extra edge. The process to start your Diamond membership is similar to starting our Gold membership. After you purchase our introductory toolkit, your Diamond membership will begin right away.

If you have been a Great Legal Marketing member before and already have our Practice Power Tools or Diamond Blueprint Package, you can reactivate your membership by calling (703)543-9677.

What is Included With a Great Legal Marketing Membership?

You can read the complete list of benefits that come with a Great Legal Marketing membership at Practice Power Tools is our introductory toolkit that kicks off your Gold Marketers membership, and you can receive the benefits listed as soon as you sign up.

A full Gold Marketers membership includes:

  • Monthly delivery of the Great Legal Marketing Journal: The Great Legal Marketing Journal is the monthly publication that all members receive. In the journal, you will find tips, tricks, and insight into new (and old) marketing topics and ideas.
  • Member Toolkits: Every Great Legal Marketing member gets an introductory toolkit to start their marketing journey. The Practice Power Tools kit is designed to help you launch your very first marketing campaign and orient you with our marketing ethics and values.
  • Monthly teleseminars with Charley Mann and Ben Glass: Each month Great Legal Marketing hosts three LIVE calls for members. Gold Members have access to the Gold Call with Charley Mann where you can learn about new, innovative strategies and rediscover old marketing ideas that will bring more leads to your law firm.
  • The Ultimate Referral Letter: Charley Mann created the best, and easiest, way to grow your referral list within a few weeks. The Ultimate Referral Letter package is available to all membership levels, and when used this letter will immediately grow your referral network and start getting you better leads right away.
  • Access to our many templates, guides, and tutorials: The Great Legal Marketing crew is always hard a work bringing you the latest and greatest in practice growth. We publish new guides and videos to help you achieve your goals.
  • The Fast Action Boot Camp: The Fast Action Boot Camp is a members-only event where you get one-on-one access to the whole Great Legal Marketing crew. This event is popular among members, and many members attend more than once! This event is FREE with membership!
  • Discount and Specials: Great Legal Marketing hosts a three-day Summit once a year in Washington D.C. You can learn more about the Great Legal Marketing Summit by visiting Gold and Diamond members receive discounts on tickets and on any products available in our web store.
  • Access to Our Exclusive Membership Website: We created a portal for our members to access all our materials. Everything we send you for membership can be found in digital form on the membership, plus other materials you can find nowhere else.
  • ...Plus Much More!

How Do I Learn More About Great Legal Marketing and Membership?

You can learn all about Great Legal Marketing by browsing this website and by visiting You can also fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page to ask a specific membership question. These messages are sent directly to the Great Legal Marketing team and we respond within 24 hours.

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  • How do people search for lawyers?

    There is an almost unlimited number of lawyers across the country specializing in everything imaginable relating to law and more.

    When people need a lawyer, they have a few options for searching for the right attorney for them. With seemingly endless ads for law firms of all types, it doesn’t seem likely someone would actually have to search for a lawyer. But understanding where people look when they actually do need a lawyer can help a law firm marketing campaign be more successful. And being at the forefront of each of those searches can give a law firm the ability to pick and choose the type of clients they want to work with.

    Here are the four biggest ways people look for a lawyer:

    • Talking to a lawyer they already know. It’s hard to be the only lawyer that people know, but as a lawyer, you probably have a pretty good social network and are at least friends on a professional level with quite a few people.
    • Asking a friend or family member to recommend a good lawyer. Again, you can’t make people refer you to people they know, but you can maintain contact with previous legal clients and stay fresh in the minds of your social network.
    • Consulting the Internet and Yellow Pages. People might just pick up the phone book or do an online search for what they’re interested in. This is where have good advertisements and relevant information can be a game-changer.
    • Calling the last firm they saw on TV. People don’t always want to put a lot of research time into finding a lawyer, but rely on ads to find them. While television advertisements might seem old-fashioned, they’re still a good way to stay relevant and catch the occasional eye.

    For more information on how to reach more potential clients and how to bring in more business through effective law firm marketing strategies, contact Great Legal Marketing. Ben Glass offers plenty of information online, and you can order a free chapter from his book on the website as well. 

  • I have a law firm in a small California city. Should I mention some surrounding cities on my practice pages, or just use “California” for my location?

    This is one of the biggest mistakes a new Internet user can make, and a simple search will tell you why. Go to your browser and type “California law firm.” Do you see your page? Probably not. Now, try “Los Angeles law firm.” You’re probably still not there. In fact, you may not show up until you type in the name of your firm—which isn’t much help when you’re trying to attract new clients.

    The rule is simple: the more specific your search is, the more likely you are to find what you want. Words that describe your geographical area, called geo-locations, have an enormous impact on your search rankings, so leaving them out or settling on just one can drop you so far down the search page that no clients will ever find you.

    The most effective geographic keywords on a law firm website include:

    • Nearby cities and counties. Customers will generally start in their home city or county when looking for legal representation, so include these keywords at least once.
    • General regions your state. There are many “Cleveland attorneys,” so that term will often get lost in the shuffle. However, a “Northern Ohio attorney” returns fewer results—and you’ll be one of them.
    • Landmarks and highways. If customers are not satisfied with their local businesses, their search terms will get wider and wider. Using landmarks such as lakes, parks, or beaches or a major highway that runs near your city will grab business from slightly further away, widening your customer base.

    For more information on how to get noticed online, how to build a great legal blog, or how to turn your readers into clients, order our Great Legal Marketing book today. When you're ready to take the next step forward in small law firm marketing, call our legal advertising team at 888-791-2150.

  • What is a ghostwriter for law firm marketing content?

    Running your own law firm or company can be a wonderful experience, even when it seems like hours are disappearing every day and all you want is a chance to breathe. Being your own boss and having the freedom that goes along with that can be totally worth it if you learn time-management strategies from the boss’s perspective.

    One of the more important qualities of a successful manager is learning how to delegate responsibilities. Someone needs to be assigned to every routine law firm task, from answering communications with courts and clients to ordering more pads of sticky notes. As the boss, ordering stationery is not worth your time, but someone needs to do it.

    Your job as manager is to make sure the people assigned to jobs follow through on their obligations. You must make sure the jobs get done, but you shouldn’t be doing all the detail work yourself.

    One of the most important forms of communication, and most difficult to do well, is maintain a monthly newsletter for clients and potential clients. This can include news about the firm, community news, and additional services.

    Someone who runs the company might not have the time for this type of communication and writing, but they can find someone to do it. Hiring a ghostwriter online can save time for a small fee, and finding a writer is easier than finding a business card at a conference.

    There are ghostwriting companies and individuals who can write newsletters and even entire website content. Be careful to find someone who will put the research into your company so it’s not just a canned newsletter that could have any law firm’s name posted on the top. 

    One of the benefits of working with Ben Glass of Great Legal Marketing is that his team will write personalized newsletters and content for your law firm. It’s not a cookie-cutter form, but well-planned and researched content focused on your strengths as a company.

    For more information about law firm marketing content and how to get your voice heard, contact Great Legal Marketing. For other tips on attorney marketing strategies, browse our website and download your free preview chapter of Ben Glass’s Great Legal Marketing book. When you’re ready for the next step forward, contact our legal advertising specialists by calling 703-591-9829.

  • How can I make a reader interested in my legal website blog post?

    It is understandable that you may have this concern. After all, many people are critical of their own website or writing skills. Even if you know that you have a wonderful attorney website and you are an expert on the subject matter you are blogging about, sometimes it is hard to draft compelling words that gets your point across to potential clients while at the same time entices them to call you.

    This is why we recommend spending a good amount of time coming up with blog post ideas and looking at other blogs—even those of your competitors—prior to writing your blog post. Instead of snagging someone else’s idea, try to put your own spin on it, come up with your own idea, or take a different stance on the subject matter.

    When law firm website content is well written, the words can make readers laugh or cry or feel happy or sad. When readers start relating to the words of your blog, it causes them to continue to read. It’s only through quality content that a website visitor will be interested in your blog post.

    If your blog is creative and well written, you shouldn’t have to fear that a reader won’t be interested in it. However, there are other elements of a blog post that can help make it more interesting to readers including:

    • Don’t talk about yourself or your qualifications. Your blog should be about your clients’ (and potential clients’) interests, hopes, and fears.
    • Concentrate your writing on your potential clients’ needs.
    • Try to write about what a client would need advice about.
    • Consider what a client would ask. In fact, think of the issues that real clients have raised most often with you, and gear your writing to those subjects.
    • Draft a compelling title to capture readers’ attention even before they read the entire blog.

    Because you only have about 15 seconds to capture a reader’s attention, spend time creating an interesting headline and opening paragraph to appeal to a reader’s curiosity or emotion. If you don’t do this, a reader will quickly leave your site.

    For more information about attorney web marketing strategies, call Great Legal Marketing today at 703-591-9829. Read the other useful resources on our site, and download the preview chapter of the Great Legal Marketing book by marketing guru Ben Glass.

  • Can I Use Syndicated Copy To Fill Up My Law Firm Website And Save Me Time?

    We understand that you are extremely busy and that your time is money. While you want to participate in attorney marketing, you do not have time to write every piece of content yourself that will be contained on your website. Because of this, it may sound tempting to you to hire a company that specializes in syndicated copy. After all, they pump out content and they generally charge a lot less than hiring a copywriter for your site.

    Before you do this, consider the fact that syndicated copy can kill your rankings. Although you may be able to fill up your site with more articles, blogs, and other online content faster, you also may not be getting the search results you would like. This is because if a search engine finds two or more of the same articles on the Internet, your site can be penalized.

    Google’s website evaluation algorithms want to see is fresh, original content that is unique. Duplicate text scores poorly. If you purchase syndicated legal marketing content—even if your attorney website and contact information is added to that content—it will still appear to the search engines as the same content across multiple sites.

    If you do not have the time to write content yourself, it is critical to hire a professional attorney web marketing company or a specific copywriter who is tasked with trying to make your site’s rankings improve.

  • I’m writing a book to offer to my attorney website visitors. How long should it be, and how should I structure it?

    When it comes to free offers on your attorney website, quality should always come before quantity. If you offer a 200-page book that is filled with typos, unclear language, and unhelpful information, you aren’t providing your potential clients with what they need and you aren’t establishing yourself as an expert author in your field. You are far better off offering a short, well-designed, and well-written guide that answers pertinent questions in a clear, straightforward manner.

    With that being said, if you are going to offer your law firm website visitors something called a “book,” it should be book length—we recommend at least 40 pages. If your ebook is shorter than that, consider calling it a “guide” or “pamphlet.” Whatever length your offer is, be honest about its length and the information that it contains. A longer book might look impressive at first, but if it is nothing but filler, readers will notice.

    Whatever the length of your free offer, make sure that is it designed to be easy to read: think about short paragraphs, subheads, bulleted lists, and helpful diagrams and graphs. Always include a table of contents and include an index if your book is particularly long.

    Do you need assistance with your free book offer? We are here to help. Call Great Legal Marketing today at 703.591.9829 for more information, or for any assistance you need in developing a law firm marketing plan.

  • What Topics Should I Cover in My Attorney Videos?

    What topics should you cover in your attorney marketing videos?Video can be a great marketing tool that attracts new visitors to your website, improves your search engine optimization, and helps you stay ahead of the competition. But what should your attorney videos be about? Videos take more time, effort, and funds than website content, so it is important to put more thought into meaningful subjects.

    Here are just a few topic and subject ideas for your legal marketing videos: 

    • Introduce yourself and your firm.
    • Answer a frequently asked question. 
    • Talk about a relevant legal topic in the news.
    • Share safety and prevention tips.
    • Record a few client testimonials.
    • Share a recent case result.
    • Talk about why your law office is different.
    • Talk about your free book offer or another call to action.
    • Establish yourself as an authority in your field.
    • Share information about a practice area that isn’t found in other online videos.
    • Walk your view through the legal process in clear, simple language.
    • Give your viewer a plan of action.
    • Address your viewer’s deepest concerns and fears.

    These topics should help you get started. The easiest way to get a lot of video content is to relax and give simple, straightforward answers to many frequently asked questions. Don't forget that your video content can be transcribed and turned into website content with little effort. If you still find yourself at a loss for topics, review other attorney blogs and see what topics they are discussing. Once you have a list of popular topics, you can put your unique spin on the answers.

  • How often should I update my attorney blog?

    There is no magic formula when it comes to how often you should post on your attorney blog to generate a significant amount of traffic or an active readership. Generally, though, the more posts, the better—as long as each post is thoughtful, interesting, current, and relevant. The most successful blogs on the web post multiple entries per day, but we have certainly seen attorney blogs flourish that are only updated (with great content) a few times per week.

    However often you choose to blog, try to be consistent so that your readers know when to expect a post. New, regular content is loved both by your visitors and by search engines like Google.

    What should you do if you don’t have time to personally maintain a website and a blog (or multiple blogs)? We understand that attorneys are busy people—with their own personal lives—and that current client needs will always come before marketing needs. Consider delegating some or all of your blogging to others, such as asking others for help coming up with current topics. Consider having multiple authors help out on your blog, too, including guest bloggers.

    Need help with your attorney blog? Contact our attorney marketing strategists today at (703) 591-9829. For other tips on attorney marketing strategies, browse our website and download your free preview chapter of Ben Glass’s Great Legal Marketing book.

  • Does confidence really affect law firm marketing?

    There is a ton of great literature about successful law firm marketing. Unfortunately, there is just as much (if not more) bad literature about marketing for law firms. Ben Glass of Great Law Marketing stresses that you need to surround yourself with positivity while trying to move your company forward. Positivity and confidence can be a game-changer in marketing because you have to believe in yourself before you can get others to believe in what you’re doing.

    Believing in yourself and what your law firm is doing can be either one of the easiest or most difficult things to pull off. It’s easy to get caught in the mental trap of cold streaks and get down on yourself. The slow times can also be a good time to experiment with new concepts and marketing strategies. You can keep trudging along with ideas that may or may not be working, trusting that it will work out in the end, or you can take a chance and switch things up, knowing that change can be good.

    The ability to convince others that you and your company are worth their investment is significantly influenced by how you view yourself and your company. Surround yourself with positive coworkers, and take advice from others who have a history of success. Through literature or marketing seminars, you can get ideas of what has worked for others so you can put your own spin on it, focusing on the positive aspects of what you and your law firm can do.

    For more advice on how to take confidence in your practice and turn it into success, contact Ben Glass at Great Law Marketing. He has a history of successful law firm marketing and wants to help others with improving their businesses and lives. You can also order a free chapter from his book online.

  • How Do I Manage my Time Better?

    How can you manage your time better?There is nothing else in the world like time. Once time is gone, it’s gone. If you lose money or burn a bridge, you can work to get the money back or try to mend relationships that ended poorly in the past. But time is the only non-renewable resource you have, and no amount of money can buy more of it.

    Being efficient and intelligent with your time is one of the most important aspects of running a successful company, and your employers or employees should know this. A strict opportunity-cost mentality should be kept when it comes to time management.

    Making yourself available for two hours could help a few employees, but think about what you could accomplish in that time, and what they can learn to accomplish on their own. This theory doesn’t eliminate teamwork, but it stresses time management. So, how do you manage your time better in the office? Here are a few tips from Ben Glass, who has a great deal of information on successful time management strategies.

    • Have goals, and relate everything you do to your goals. Set goals for the short-term through the long-term goals, anything you want to get done before lunch or before you retire, and everything in between. Then, focus your efforts on those goals.
    • Assess your time’s true value. There are things that are worthy of your time at your pay level, and there are things that can be delegated to others in the office. 
    • Limit phone calls. Don’t take any calls or make any calls that aren’t already part of your schedule. If they’re important, put them on your schedule and they should still be important later. 
    • Your current to-do list isn’t working. You know it’s true. Look back at number one. Your new to-do list should create itself. 
    • Let your employees know that your time is your time, and it’s in everyone’s best interest that your time is spent wisely.

  • Does alternative marketing work?

    Alternative marketing involves accessing potential clients through non-traditional methods. There are people out there who don’t even know they’re looking for your business, but you could be incredibly valuable for them in ways they’re not aware of. So, if you use the traditional methods, they’ll eventually find you, right? Not always. Sometimes you have to think outside the box for successful marketing.

    So, does alternative marketing work? Short answer: Yes. Medium answer: (To answer your question with a question), you’re reading this, aren’t you?

    Some law firms just throw their names out there as much as possible on billboards, commercials, and park benches, hoping that when you need them, you’ll remember them. There’s at least one law firm in the country with a billboard that just says, “1-800…” and has a picture of the lawyer, and everyone knows who that lawyer is! But how much did he spend to get that much recognition? That’s a multi-million-dollar ad campaign, and I still wouldn’t call him.

    The most successful ad on a park bench or billboard I remember is one that just said, “You’re reading this.” The park bench was only advertising itself! I remember the bench, but I didn’t need it when I saw it at age thirteen, and I still don’t need one. They got the wrong guy.

    So how do you attract the people who are looking for you without spending your entire bankroll on billboards and park benches? You don’t get clients by people finding you, you get clients by being where people are looking. Try something new.

  • Who will benefit if I attend the right legal marketing seminars?

    There are many people, some of whom are very close to you, who may benefit from your attendance at a good legal marketing seminar. The knowledge that you gain at a legal marketing conference can help you change the way you practice law, increase your income, and allow you to spend more time with your family.

    Accordingly, you will benefit, along with:

    • Your spouse
    • Your children
    • Your extended family
    • Your friends
    • Your law partners
    • Your employees

    In other words, anyone who benefits from your income, from the cases that you take, and from your attention in your free time may benefit if you attend a good law firm marketing seminar that teaches you how to market to the right potential clients. The right potential clients are the ones with the cases that you are interested in taking and the ones who will enable you to earn the income that you desire while maintaining the work-life balance that is right for you.

    Of course, your family, friends, colleagues, and employees will only benefit if you take what you learned at the lawyer marketing conference and put it into practice. If you attend the conference and are not ready to make changes to your legal marketing strategy, then there was no point in attending the conference.

    For more information about great legal marketing seminars feel free to browse the events section of our website, and please call our legal marketing consultants at 703.591.9829.

  • A Local Television Affiliate Has Pre-Made Ads for Attorneys. Is it A Good Idea to Use These Ad Templates?

    Should you use pre-made ads for your television spot?Absolutely not! Using prefabricated ad spots or letting the station write part, or all, of your script may save some time in the short run, but you’re essentially giving the station control of your small law firm’s marketplace image, and that’s a costly mistake.

    The station isn’t going to know the particulars of your firm: what you do, what makes you unique, or why a prospect might specifically want to work with you. In fact, most prefabricated ad spots have probably been running on the station for ages, to the point where the few personal injury prospects still in their seats for the commercial breaks have probably learned to tune them out.

    Three Essential Parts of Any Television Ad

    A pre-made ad will never include the most important parts of a TV ad. This is the part of advertising that can't be automated, borrowed, or phoned in, unless you are happy with paying for an ad that will never bring in clients.

    1. A Unique Offer
      When you film your TV ad, please don't just stand in front of a camera and talk about free consultations and "cash for your pain." This type of lawyer ad is easily tuned-out, mainly because they are so prevalent. Instead, offer something unique, like a free report, book, or package.
    2. Tracking URLs and Phone Numbers
      You have spent big bucks on that TV ad, so make sure you are tracking your return on investment. Include a tracking number or URL in the ad. This tracking information should be your main call to action. Without this information, you are blindly marketing and hoping for the best.
    3. A Personal Touch
      Don't be afraid to bring some personality to your ad. This type of information about you and your law firm makes the ad memorable, and will help with the conversion rate.

    You’ve spent those personal injury lawyer advertising dollars on television ad spots. Now put them to good use by creating a sharp, well-targeted 30 seconds that will be noticed and remembered.

  • What Are Some Personal Injury Marketing Ideas That Will Make My Small Law Firm TV Spots Fresh and Engaging?

    TV ad ideas for personal injury lawyers.Creating a television ad for your law firm can seem daunting, but you have a huge advantage. Most lawyer television ads look the same, so it is not difficult to stand out from the crowd!

    When you are looking for fresh marketing ideas for your law firm's ad, look at other industries television ads. Think about what you like, and what helps you decide what to purchase. Once you have reviewed other business's TV ads, think about these four points:

    1. Your message, your voice.
      Before you start scripting your ad
      , figure out what you bring to the marketplace and highlight that in the advertisement. You’ll only have a few seconds to get your point across, so be direct and engaging. Don't accept a pre-made script for any television affiliate. Write your script or outsource the writing to a contractor that you know and trust.
    2. It’s about the client, not you.
      There’s a chance some of your audience hasn’t realized a legal action is an option. Whenever you can, direct the prospective clients to information you can provide them about their situations, rather than sketchy self-promotion. Education based marketing builds trust and helps the client remember your law firm.
    3. Don’t let the station use your budget as a “starting point.”
      Make their staffers work within the boundaries of your television advertising budget. Any ad executive will try to push you to pay for more. Don't bend to their will. Most local television stations are struggling to compete against online streaming services, and it is likely you could negotiate more advertisement for your dollar.
    4. Get ready to track your results.
      Before you even buy airtime, have a follow-up plan in place for everyone who contacts your firm because of your ad, even people who don’t currently have a case.

  • I am interested in creating the best marketing for lawyers at my law firm. How much should I talk about the credentials and accomplishments of individual attorneys?

    This question is a good one. Our legal marketing consultants typically advise attorneys not to talk too much about themselves in their law firm marketing materials. 

    Best marketing for lawyers is about attracting clients. Clients want to know how lawyers can help them. They don’t care so much about the lawyers, where the lawyers went to school, or the legal extracurricular activities of lawyers (such as bar committees). 

    With that said, our advice is not to completely avoid speaking about lawyers at your firm. You should speak about the lawyers as it relates to answering common questions from prospective clients. There should be a biography page on your web site where potential clients can get more information about the lawyers if they so choose. Most of all, the attorneys at your law firm should be easy to reach and contact information should be easy to find on every webpage.

    When creating content, it is also important to make sure that the lawyers are relatable. For example, don’t shy away from mentioning a lawyer’s hobby (such as running, golf, or sailing) or a lawyer’s favorite charity, if it relates to the content you are creating. Clients like to know a little more about the attorney whom they are hiring and might be interested in this kind of information.

    If you would like to learn more about creating a great legal marketing plan, please call us today at 703.591.9829 and please download a FREE chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book.

  • Why are the lawyers I speak to critical of the legal marketing conference I want to attend?

    Of course, without knowing the individual lawyers, our legal marketing consultants cannot provide you with the specific reasons why the lawyers whom you know are critical of legal marketing seminars. What we can do, however, is provide you with some of the common reasons why some people are critical of law firm marketing conferences in general and our Great Legal Marketing conferences specifically.

    Good legal marketing conferences, like those provided by Great Legal Marketing, present new ideas. The attorney marketing ideas presented at our conferences comply with all applicable ethical requirements and are ideas that you will be proud to share with your potential clients, colleagues, and family. However, they are not the same techniques that the majority of people in the legal community are using.

    These new ideas, therefore, scare many lawyers. It is similar to the way that TV ads and even yellow page ads scared attorneys of previous generations.

    Change can be difficult. Yet, when change is done in an ethical and exciting way, it can also be powerful. The new marketing ideas that you learn at a Great Legal Marketing conference can help you get new clients, make more money in less time, and lead the lifestyle that you desire.

    To learn more, please download our FREE report: Read What Other Lawyers Who Have Taken Action are Saying, and please call our legal marketing consultants directly at 703.591.9829.

  • What is the difference between social media and social networking? And are they important to my innovative legal marketing campaign?

    Both social media and social networking are going to be important for a great law firm marketing campaign. However, there are some important differences between social media and social networking that are important to know.

    Social media is broader than social networking. Social media allows users to create and exchange information. For example, when you post a video to YouTube, you are using social media. Similarly, you are using social media when you add a blog post or library article to your website. People may, or may not, comment on what you have added.

    Social networking is a type of social media and is sometimes hard to distinguish from other forms of social media. Facebook, for example, is a type of social networking site because it is designed to facilitate communication and conversation among its users. One of the goals of social networking sites is to foster a sense of community. This may, or may not, happen on a blog, on YouTube, or on other forms of social media.

    The differences between social media and social networking may not be so important for your attorney marketing efforts. You likely want to include both types of sites in your comprehensive law firm marketing approach. To learn more about innovative legal marketing, please contact an experienced legal marketing consultant at 703.591.9829, and please watch some of our informative videos on Great Legal Marketing TV.

  • A client found me through my great legal marketing efforts. I’m afraid that if I don’t call that person back the same day that I might lose a potential case, but it isn’t always possible for me to be available 24/7. What should I do?

    You should not try to make yourself available every hour of every day. While it may seem like everyone is always available in our fast-paced society, our legal marketing consultants do not advise that attorneys make themselves available at all times.

    We do not make this recommendation lightly, nor do we do we make this recommendation to play some kind of mind game. Instead, we believe that attorneys are most successful when they have uninterrupted time to concentrate on a work project, relationship, or personal pursuit. For example, if you are writing a brief and you are interrupted to take a phone call, then the brief will take longer to write as you try to pick up where you left off after your phone call. Similarly, if you are spending time with your kids then a non-urgent work phone call can distract you from paying full attention to your children.

    Instead of living this kind of life, our law firm marketing consultants recommend that you set aside time to return phone calls. A great legal marketing plan is going to result in lots of phone calls to your firm, and we don’t want you to be overwhelmed. Instead, we want your attorney marketing efforts to make you successful.

    For more information about law firm marketing or time management, please call us today at 703.591.9829.

  • I am on the fence about hiring a legal marketing consultant. What is the best reason that you can give me to hire a marketing consultant for my law firm?

    You might expect our answer to be that a law firm marketing consultant can help your small law firm make more money. That is true, but it is not the best reason we can think of to hire a legal marketing consultant. You might think that our answer will be about furthering your career by attracting the type of clients and cases you want. Again, this is true but it is not, in and of itself, the best reason that we can think of to hire a marketing consultant.

    While profit and professional satisfaction are reasons to hire a legal marketing consultant, the consultants at Great Legal Marketing believe that the best reason to hire a consultant is the effect on your time and on your life. 

    Think about what will happen when we help you make more money on the cases you really want. Your quality of life will improve. You might enjoy the practice of law more, albeit for fewer hours a week, as you learn to lead a more balanced life.  An attorney marketing consultant can help you regain control of your life and help you get the time and money to enjoy all aspects of your life including, but not limited to, practicing law.

    To learn more, please call an experienced legal marketing consultant today at 703.591.9829.

  • I’m Writing A Blog to Promote My Law Practice, and I’ve Quickly Found the Limits to My Writing Skills. How Do I Find Great Law Firm Blog Topics?

    How do I find great topics for my law firm's blog?To make your law firm’s blog work as a marketing channel, you not only need powerful lawyer marketing ideas, but you also need results-oriented content. But what topics should you pick? How do you know which ones will work which ones won’t? Ideally, your blog should generate users interest and get people to call you. How you can attain these goals with your blog will depend on your strategy.

    Here are four points to keep in mind:

    1. You need to “throw a lot of stuff on the wall” and see what sticks. Theorize all you want. Until you start blogging or have someone blog for you, you can’t know what concepts will resonate with your marketplace and lead to action.
    2. Write about topics that provide value to potential clients. You may find it interesting to discuss the subtleties of a recent Supreme Court decision. That might be intellectually stimulating for you. But is that topic going to help drive business? Are your prospects going to learn anything or gain value from it? Focus on the content that’s going to enrich their lives and lead them closer to their goals.
    3. Don’t be afraid to give fantastic advice away. A lot of web marketers, lawyers and non-lawyers alike, hoard their best ideas because they worry that competitors will steal them. In general, don’t hold back.
    4. Your content should NOT be a complete solution, just part of it. If you give everything away to your clients for free—all of your advice—then there will be no reason why people should utilize your paid services. Your free content and your paid services should work together as an integrated whole. The free content should provide some unique value. But you want to structure the content in such a way that it compels the reader to want to connect with you to learn more.

  • What’s One Trick for Achieving Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing Goals?

    How to achieve success with your lawyer marketing.By this point, you should have established some personal injury lawyer marketing goals and clarified precisely what you need to do—and can skip doing—to transform those goals into reality.

    But you still need more help. After all, plans are great. But plans change. And intentions are also great. But you can’t feed your family with intentions. There is one vital component of any marketing strategy – it’s a component that’s at once obvious and not so obvious.

    The key is action!

    You need to take action towards your goals, even if you are not totally clear about what you need to do, when you need to do it, and so forth. It’s important to plan, but your plan will change as you go along. And if you never start to “go along,” even your best planning will be for naught.

    Taking action is often far harder than people realize. You might think to yourself, “I already take action all the time.” You probably do…but much of the time, you probably aren’t taking the right kinds of action. You are certainly racking up billable hours, networking with colleagues, and running other aspects of your business. And you might be trying a bunch of tactics with respect to your marketing. But taking action towards new goals often requires you to break out of your comfort zone and try new things.

    • It’s one thing to go into the office and do the same thing you do every day and you’ve done over the last five years.
    • It’s another thing entirely to take a look at an innovative marketing plan and make that first risky phone call to the television ad agency or to your dream SEO company.

    Taking action in an unconventional direction can throw you off your game. It can compel you to do serious soul-searching about what you’re really trying to accomplish and why you are trying to accomplish it. The actions you need to take to reach your legal marketing goals are very different from the actions you need to do to maintain the status quo. You must break out of habitual ways of thinking, and revitalize the basic beliefs you have about law firm marketing.

    Fortunately, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. When you get Ben Glass’s book, Great Legal Marketing, you will get an insider’s perceptive on law firm marketing strategies, tactics, and philosophies that actually work.

    The best marketing ideas are counter-intuitive: not everyone knows them. Get your copy of Great Legal Marketing today, and learn what the top insiders know, so you can structure a clear, compelling vision for your marketing plan. And when you’re ready for individual attention to your marketing goals, give us a call directly at 703.591.9829.

  • What should I look for in a leader, or organizer, when I am comparing different legal marketing seminars?

    If you are going to invest the money and time in attending a legal marketing conference and you are serious about making changes in your law firm, then it is important to do your own research and to know who is leading the conference.

    Generally, you want to look for someone who is:

    • A lawyer. An attorney who actually practices law is in the best position to understand the challenges that you face and to help you overcome them.
    • A good marketer. Check out the leader or organizer’s own website. Is it impressive? Is it different than the competition?
    • Known. You want to attend a conference with a lead speaker or organizer who is known in the field of legal marketing.

    You can tell a lot about a particular conference and how useful that conference might be for you by doing your own research on the person, or organization, sponsoring the conference. Remember that both legal experience and attorney marketing experience are important.

    Do you have questions about who will be leading, organizing, or presenting at a Great Legal Marketing conference? All of our presenters are included on our agenda which are on our website and available for you. Find out who is going to be teaching you the skills that you need to change your marketing plan, your practice, and your life. Please call us at 703.591.9829 with any specific questions about legal marketing seminars.

  • Some of my employees came up with a law firm tagline that they think is great. It really doesn’t represent who I am. Should I keep it or change it?

    Law firm taglines are an important part of your legal marketing activities and one that you are, quite appropriately, taking seriously. It was a good idea to involve your employees in the process of developing of a tagline even if it is one that you do not ultimately choose to use. Your employees spend a lot of time with you and know you well. It is important to listen to their ideas about attorney marketing and to talk to them about why they think a particular tag line is a good idea. Even if you do not end up using the tagline, you will likely learn something important about how they (and others) perceive you.

    You are the attorney. You are marketing your legal practice. In the end, you decide whether or not to keep a tagline created by your employees or to create a new tagline. Whatever you decide, our legal marketing consultants urge to consider why your employees created the tagline that they did and to make the choice that best furthers your legal marketing plan.

    For more information about creating exciting law firm taglines or for more innovative legal marketing ideas, we encourage you to read the FREE resources available on our website, to watch Great Legal Marketing TV, and to call us at 703.591.9829.

  • Are there any special qualifications that allow someone to be a presenter at a legal marketing conference?

    No. Currently, there are no standards that are universally applied to presenters at legal marketing conferences. The person or organization running the conference makes the decisions about whom to hire as presenters. There is no requirement that presenters be practicing attorneys or have any formal education or experience in marketing. The differences among presenters make the quality of legal marketing seminars diverse.

    At Great Legal Marketing, we believe that our seminar participants deserve a high quality legal marketing conference and we believe that the quality of a conference is in a large part dependent on the presenters of the conference. Accordingly, we only invite those whom we consider to be the best in their fields to teach at our seminars. For example, you might hear from practicing attorneys who have successful small law firm marketing plans. Not only will you get to learn about their marketing strategies, but you will also learn how they manage to market their firm while running a successful practice and how the marketing has changed their practice for the better. Additionally, you may learn from experienced legal marketers who have solid track records of success and who know how to help attorneys market law firms.

    If you would like to learn more about Great Legal Marketing conference presenters, we encourage you to browse the events section of our website and to call our experienced legal marketing consultants today at 703.591.9829.

  • What Are Three Lawyer Marketing Ideas I Can Use Immediately?

    What are some attorney marketing ideas you can use immediately?Tactically speaking, what are the three most useful personal injury marketing ideas? The following answers may seem either blindingly obvious to you or surprising counterintuitive, depending on where you are in the process of educating yourself about marketing.

    1. Start Doing Lead Generation
      Your most valuable resource is your list. To start marketing your firm, you first have to create a unique offer (NOT a free consultation). This free offer, like a book or report, will grow your list and put potential clients in the top of your funnel.
    2. Work on Your Customer Service
      Lawyers are preoccupied with the practice of law, and they forget to develop good customer service in their law firms. This means training your staff to answer the phones correctly, upgrading your in-office experience, and differentiating your practice using creative marketing.
    3. Become More Selective About the Clients You Hire
      When you let bad clients into your law firm, you are creating an environment that no one enjoys working in. Those clients who do not respect your time, who treat your staff poorly, and who have bad cases are not helping your law firm at all. I've revolutionized hundreds of firms by merely giving lawyers the permission to reject bad cases. When you start doing this, you will see a positive change in your life.

    Of course, there is not one thing that will change your law firm overnight. Deciding to run a more profitable law firm takes work, and the most successful lawyers make multiple changes in the way their practice is run. If you are ready to change your law firm, start with the items we mentioned in this article, but keep in mind it doesn't end here.

  • My website content is great, but my titles are boring and don’t reflect that. Would changing my titles be an important part of an innovative legal marketing plan or is it just a waste of time?

    Changing your page titles to be catchier and to include important keywords or key phrases can be a very important part of your law firm marketing campaign. If a reader finds your website and is not interested in the title of an article, blog, news article, or other piece of content, then that reader is not going to read the content. That reader will never get the opportunity to know that your website content is great. Similarly, you are missing out on an important way to increase your rankings in the search engines and help people find you in the first place.

    Of course, your innovative legal marketing efforts should not stop with changing the titles on content that you have already written. You can achieve similar results by adding in subheadings on content that is already written and by creating exciting titles and subheadings on future content.

    To learn more about how to create great attorney marketing website headlines and other best marketing tips for lawyers, we encourage you to watch Great Legal Marketing TV, to read a FREE chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book, and to call our legal marketing consultants directly at 703.591.9829, if you decide that your small law firm is ready to make a change.

  • Should I Target a Large Audience or Focus on a Smaller Group?

    Should you invest in a big marketing campaign or a more targeted one?When developing your attorney marketing plan, you might be tempted to use up a large part of your budget on a campaign that you feel will be seen by as many people as possible.

    Many lawyers will see initial success with a maneuver like this, but two problems tend to result:

    As you can see, the first problem feeds into the second.

    If all of the calls you get from a big, ambitious ad campaign are from poor prospects, what that campaign has produced is essentially a lot of busy-work and no revenue on-hand for future advertising. It’s better to have a small but effective campaign that will draw in targeted prospects who need the kind of casework you can best provide.

  • How do I find keywords or key phrases that result in the best marketing for lawyers? Attorney websites appear to be all the same.

    You are right. Most lawyers’ websites do appear to be all the same. However, they don’t have to be that way and the lawyers who use a blend of research and creativity to create different law firm websites within the ethical boundaries are often the ones who see the greatest returns on their law firm marketing dollars.

    A big part of the success for some legal marketing websites is that lawyers, or their legal marketing consultants, have taken the time to figure out the keywords or key phrases that would work well for a specific firm. Generally, you can figure out what keywords or phrases may work by thinking, and writing, like your clients. For example, the client who was hurt on a New York City street is not going to google “tort lawyer.” Instead, he or she may search for phrases such as “hit by car in Manhattan” or “tripped on New York City sidewalk” or “New York City sidewalk accident lawyer.”

    Once you have identified keywords that you want to try, you may research those words or phrases to determine if they are likely to get hits. Google and other search engines have tools that you can access to learn more about specific keywords. You can also learn more about how to do this in our Great Legal Marketing book or by contacting a legal marketing consultant at 703.591.9829 to discuss more best marketing for lawyers tips.

  • My great legal marketing plan is working! I am on the first page of Google. I’m done thinking about marketing my law firm now, right?

    Congratulations on your legal marketing success, but don’t be too quick to end your efforts now. If you stop what you are doing, then your success is likely to be short-lived.

    While there may be some truth to the statement that it is harder to get kicked off of the first page of Google than to get on to the first page of Google, our legal marketing consultants urge you not to rely on that statement. Instead, if you want to continue your law firm marketing success, if you want to keep bringing in the types of cases that you enjoy taking, and if you want to keep achieving the work-life balance that your attorney marketing efforts have allowed you to enjoy recently, you need to keep working at your great legal marketing plan.

    With that said, it should be easier to work on your marketing efforts now that you have achieved some success. You should have systems in place that allow you to continue to market to the people who have contacted your firm, and you should have website analytics in place that allow you to know why you are on the first page of Google for certain keywords. You may continue creating content for those keywords and identify other keywords for which you want to rank highly in search engine results and work on those in the future.

    The legal field is a competitive one. Our legal marketing consultants urge you to keep up your small law firm marketing efforts and to call us at 703.591.9829 when you are ready to take your marketing to the next level.

  • What can I do if I don’t like my current legal marketing consultant? Can I start to work with Great Legal Marketing instead?

    Great Legal Marketing does not work with every law firm that seeks us out for help. That said, we do not necessarily exclude law firms that have previously worked with other legal marketing consultants.

    Of course, as a lawyer, you know that the first thing you need to do is to look at any contract you may have entered with your current law firm marketing consultant and find out if you would be breaching that contract by working with someone else.

    If you are free to hire another legal marketing consultant and you fit the criteria for working with Great Legal Marketing then we encourage you to contact us. Generally, the two most important factors that we look for in clients are that: (1) you are either a solo practitioner or a small law firm with five or fewer attorneys; and (2) you are ready to work hard and make a serious commitment to change in your law firm marketing plan.

    We understand that it can be frustrating and expensive to work with a legal marketing specialist who doesn’t deliver the results that you want. Accordingly, we encourage you to learn more about the Great Legal Marketing way of law firm advertising by browsing our website, reading a FREE chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book, watching Great Legal Marketing TV, and calling us directly at 703.591.9829.