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Ben Glass and his team at Great Legal Marketing work with an elite mix of attorneys from virtually every practice area from personal injury to bankruptcy and beyond. We are not for everyone, in fact, while we attract many who "want" to get better we know that only about 20% of any population will do the work necessary. The difference in results has nothing to do with where your law practice is located or how much experience you have. This is all about the choices that YOU make.

By joining Great Legal Marketing, attorneys like you discover and implement proven marketing and management strategies that have transformed all kinds of practices. You will discover how to build better referral relationship, improve your internet marketing, expand into new markets, better manage your employees, and so much more – this really is a “club” for success-minded attorneys who want more than just an average practice. We take pride in having members who are ambitious, motivated, and determined attorneys who understand that their law practice is also a business.

We have an exceptional track record of changing the lives of our members. We frequently hear reports of double- and triple-digit growth from our members. And the goal achieved don’t stop there. Our members have told us that being with Great Legal Marketing has given them their lives back so they can do what they really love in life. The power of our programs has also been credited with regular month-long vacations, turning 70-hour work weeks into a highly efficient 40 hours, saving marriages, significant weight loss, countless jobs created and even improved golf scores.

We want to help you create your own success story.

Below you will find answers to our top questions about a Great Legal Marketing membership. If you are interested in becoming a member, you can click the button below to purchase our introductory package.

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How Does Great Legal Marketing Work?

Great Legal Marketing has three membership levels; Gold Marketers, Diamond Practice Builders, and MasterMind. Most attorneys start at the Gold Marketers level where they learn the basics of direct response marketing for attorneys. We provide our new members with templates, guides, and loads of other free materials to help them launch their very first marketing campaigns. After attorneys have achieved their first goal of getting more clients, they typically ascend to the Diamond Practice Builders membership.

Our Gold and Diamond programs are both monthly memberships that give you access to our materials and our marketing team. Gold members have access to our Chief Marketing Officer Charley Mann as well as access to the other Great Legal Marketing team for help with advertisements, marketing strategies, tracking, and other practice growth topics. Diamond members have more access to Ben Glass as well as access to the rest of our team.

Great Legal Marketing is NOT a done-for-you service. We are forever learners, and our members are as well. We help those attorneys who are ready to do the work needed to achieve the success they dream about for their practice.

Who Is Ben Glass?

Most people who meet attorney Ben Glass come to know him as a father of nine children (four of them adopted and five who still get on the school bus every morning), a small business advocate in Northern Virginia, a non-profit and charity supporter, and ex-marathon runner - in addition to being one of the most-reviewed attorneys in the area (see him on Avvo and Google).

Ben has spent his career practicing law in the courtrooms throughout Northern Virginia. He is a nationally recognized board-certified personal injury, medical malpractice, and disability insurance attorney in Fairfax, Virginia. He graduated from George Mason University School of Law in 1983 and has devoted his career to representing individuals against the insurance companies.

Through Ben’s experience in testing various marketing techniques for his own firm, he has discovered what truly works and has implemented his knowledge into the creation of Great Legal Marketing in 2005. Hundreds of lawyers in the United States and Canada have already joined Great Legal Marketing and are watching their practices take off.

How Do I Start A Great Legal Marketing Membership?

Great Legal Marketing's materials are not free. We have two monthly membership levels and one yearly membership level. The first step is to decide which membership level is right for you. Most attorneys start at the Gold Marketers level where they learn Great Legal Marketing's style of marketing. To start a Gold Marketers Membership, you need to purchase Practice Power Tools. Practice Power Tools is our introductory package that will kickstart your marketing journey and guide you through the first steps.

Attorneys who want a higher level of membership can start at our Diamond Practice Builder level. This is a good option if you are currently a gold member and want to enhance your membership, or you already own a successful law firm but need that extra edge. The process to start your Diamond membership is similar to starting our Gold membership. After you purchase our introductory toolkit, your Diamond membership will begin right away.

If you have been a Great Legal Marketing member before and already have our Practice Power Tools or Diamond Blueprint Package, you can reactivate your membership by calling (703)543-9677.

What is Included With a Great Legal Marketing Membership?

You can read the complete list of benefits that come with a Great Legal Marketing membership at Practice Power Tools is our introductory toolkit that kicks off your Gold Marketers membership, and you can receive the benefits listed as soon as you sign up.

A full Gold Marketers membership includes:

  • Monthly delivery of the Great Legal Marketing Journal: The Great Legal Marketing Journal is the monthly publication that all members receive. In the journal, you will find tips, tricks, and insight into new (and old) marketing topics and ideas.
  • Member Toolkits: Every Great Legal Marketing member gets an introductory toolkit to start their marketing journey. The Practice Power Tools kit is designed to help you launch your very first marketing campaign and orient you with our marketing ethics and values.
  • Monthly teleseminars with Charley Mann and Ben Glass: Each month Great Legal Marketing hosts three LIVE calls for members. Gold Members have access to the Gold Call with Charley Mann where you can learn about new, innovative strategies and rediscover old marketing ideas that will bring more leads to your law firm.
  • The Ultimate Referral Letter: Charley Mann created the best, and easiest, way to grow your referral list within a few weeks. The Ultimate Referral Letter package is available to all membership levels, and when used this letter will immediately grow your referral network and start getting you better leads right away.
  • Access to our many templates, guides, and tutorials: The Great Legal Marketing crew is always hard a work bringing you the latest and greatest in practice growth. We publish new guides and videos to help you achieve your goals.
  • The Fast Action Boot Camp: The Fast Action Boot Camp is a members-only event where you get one-on-one access to the whole Great Legal Marketing crew. This event is popular among members, and many members attend more than once! This event is FREE with membership!
  • Discount and Specials: Great Legal Marketing hosts a three-day Summit once a year in Washington D.C. You can learn more about the Great Legal Marketing Summit by visiting Gold and Diamond members receive discounts on tickets and on any products available in our web store.
  • Access to Our Exclusive Membership Website: We created a portal for our members to access all our materials. Everything we send you for membership can be found in digital form on the membership, plus other materials you can find nowhere else.
  • ...Plus Much More!

How Do I Learn More About Great Legal Marketing and Membership?

You can learn all about Great Legal Marketing by browsing this website and by visiting You can also fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page to ask a specific membership question. These messages are sent directly to the Great Legal Marketing team and we respond within 24 hours.

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  • I hate attending conferences. I find them to be boring and a waste of money. Why should I attend a legal marketing conference?

    Many lawyers hate attending conferences. Conferences that are poorly run and/or don’t have anything new to bring to the table are boring, and they are a waste of money. More than that, they are a waste of time that could’ve been spent in the office, with your family, or on the golf course.

    A well-designed and well-run legal marketing conference is different, however.  A legal marketing seminar that gives you new ideas about how to reach the potential clients that you want and has practical ideas for you to implement in your law firm marketing plan can, quite literally, change your life.

    The changes that you want to make – whether you want to spend more time out of the office or more time on legal issues that interest you – start with finding the right clients. We will tell you now that the way to make those changes is not to do what every other lawyer is doing. Instead, your marketing has to be different and it has to be ethical and effective.

    Most attorneys need some instruction on how to create an innovative legal marketing plan that is both ethical and effective.  A great legal marketing seminar can provide you with that instruction and with the tools you need to move forward with your plan.

  • Why do I need to identify the type of clients and cases that I want? How is that innovative legal marketing?

    Taking the time to identify your ideal client is critical to your innovative legal marketing campaign. The places that you advertise, the words that you choose, and the other details of your law firm marketing campaign are dependent on you first identifying your ideal client. It is this person whom you want to attract. It is this person to whom you will speak when you are creating a TV or radio ad, and it is this person’s questions that you will answer with your written materials. Identifying your ideal client will help you focus your lawyer marketing efforts and attract the clients that you want.

    Of course, your ideal client may vary between your practice areas, and you may attract and agree to take on cases that fit most, though not all, of your ideal client and case attributes.

    Many of your competitors are not targeting a specific type of case or client to represent. Instead, they are still trying to be everything to everyone, and as a result, many of your colleagues are overworked and unhappy. You don’t have to be one of them.

    Instead, you can make your small law firm into the practice that you want. You can enjoy your profession and have time to enjoy your family and other interests. Learn how by contacting an experienced legal marketing consultant via our online contact form or at 703.591.9829.

  • Signing Clients Without Using a High Pressure Sales Pitch

    Why high pressure sales tactics no longer work in legal marketing.You heard me: “the subtle sell.” It might seem counterintuitive, but because of the Internet, successful attorney marketing is shifting away from slick, high-pressure sale tactics.

    Quality prospects now have a lot more resources for information. If an attorney advertising doesn’t hook with something they need right off the bat—or if it pushes them away with gimmicks or hard sells—they’ll just head right back to Google.

    That’s the reason for engaging your prospects with education-based attorney marketing. It not only gives you credibility as a professional with the kind of experience and inside knowledge that will put their case on the right track, but it also initiates the trust-building process.

    Prospects have no use for another fast-talking lawyer in a suit telling the camera how hard they fight and how often they win. Most potential clients don’t know what they’re looking for in a personal injury attorney, nor do they have any idea how to find it. Education-based marketing can provide a map through an intimidating process. You’ll be surprised at how consistently that map will do the sell for you, landing new clients right at your door.

  • Should I attend several legal marketing seminars or will one conference be enough?

    The answer to your question depends on your unique circumstances and which law firm marketing conference you attend. Generally, if you attend a Great Legal Marketing conference, you may want to participate in future legal marketing seminars. This is especially true if you attend one of our one-day conferences. We can, obviously, cover much more ground in our four-day legal marketing education course than we can in a one-day attorney marketing seminar. Many of our conference participants find that they learned so much about effective legal marketing and had so much fun at the conference that they are eager to attend another conference.

    Of course, whether you attend another conference also depends on your level of commitment to changing your law firm and your life. If building the practice, and life, that you want remains a top priority, then you will want to learn all that you can about creating and implementing a marketing plan to foster the changes that you need. One of the most efficient ways to learn is by attending a legal marketing conference.

    You can learn more about the different conferences that we offer, conference agendas, participant reviews, and other relevant information on our website. Simply click on the events tab and see what is coming up soon. If you have additional questions about conferences or about great legal marketing then please call us directly at 703.591.9829.

  • Do I Have Too Many Practice Areas?

    Do you have too many practice areas?Corny as it may sound, listen to your heart. Why did you get into law? What sort of clients did you want to serve when you started your practice? Maybe you aren’t emphasizing that practice area now, in your firm or in your advertising. Maybe you’ve fallen into the trap of believing more practice areas equals more clients.

    In either case, your heart probably isn’t in your work, and everything from the general perception of your firm to the level of satisfaction you get out of winning a case will suffer because of it.

    Instead of making the decision purely from the perspective of monetary gain, really evaluate the intangible gains you get from the right cases. Sit down tonight and make two lists:

    • What casework provides me with the most satisfaction?
    • What casework frustrates me the most?

    If the practice areas on the first list are providing a reasonable amount of return for your firm, even if they aren’t, necessarily, providing you with the most return financially, you have your focus. Retool your firm’s image to emphasize the practice area that means the best for you, and you’ll see: quality prospects will find you.

  • I want to do the best marketing for lawyers in my firm and for myself, but I’m not sure I have time for a newsletter. Does every piece in my newsletter need to be original?

    Yes, but that isn’t as hard as it sounds. Of course, as an attorney, you know that you need to obey copyright laws and avoid plagiarism. With that said, you do not have to think of completely unique ideas every time you sit down to create your law firm newsletter.

    Instead, you might look to sources such as your own blogs for inspiration. Perhaps something that you have written can be reworked. Likewise, there might be a photo on your camera that can be added to your newsletter, or maybe there is an upcoming event for a charity that coordinates with your practice areas that you can advertise.

    Your content must be original, but your ideas don’t always have to be imaginative. There is already plenty of inspiration around you if you know where to look. On the other hand, you do not want to create a boring, canned newsletter that other attorneys in your area are using. If your readers have already received a similar newsletter, and there is nothing interesting in your newsletter, then it won’t be read.

    Remember, how you say things can be as important as what you say. Think about an interesting twist you can take on a popular topic, for example. If you are stumped about what to do in your attorney marketing newsletters, you can talk to your own staff members, your mastermind marketing group, or contact a legal marketing consultant at 703.591.9829. They may be able to help you create a newsletter that has the best marketing for lawyers in your firm.

  • What Makes A Good Attorney Website Video?

    How do you make a good attorney video for your website?Online lawyer videos are a great option for small law firm advertising, not only because a video is relatively inexpensive to produce, but also because the investment is the same for your firm whether that video is watched 200 or 40,000 times. It’s obvious why so many firms are taking advantage of streaming video technology to promote themselves.

    However, there are some big “don’ts” in the law firm video marketing. Ineffectual videos:

    • Emphasize the attorney’s accomplishments and expertise.
    • Are more focused on selling the firm than on making a connection with the viewer.
    • Are poorly produced, with unclear sound and video.
    • Do nothing to distinguish the firm from its competitors.

    People who’ve come online to search for legal representation or more information about a specific type of case aren’t interested in seeing commercials. Chances are they’re in a situation that has left them distraught, overwhelmed and afraid.

    If instead of telling them how hard you’ll fight to win, you show them something that helps them understand their case better, you’ve already started building a relationship of trust.

    Effective videos:

    • Help the viewer identify the nature of their problem.
    • Give a takeaway, something that will help the viewer take an effective next step.
    • Are competently produced, with crisp video and clear sound.

  • Creating a newsletter as part of my great legal marketing plan seems like it is going to take a whole lot of time. Do you have any tips to make it easier?

    Writing an exciting and useful law firm newsletter several times a year can be a lot of work, but it is an important part of your legal marketing strategy, and there are ways to make it easier. For example, you might consider:

    • Keeping an active folder on your desk or computer for newsletter ideas. Did a client just ask a really interesting question on the phone that sparked a newsletter idea for you? Did you just read something that you want to share with lots of your clients? Jot down the ideas until you are ready to start writing.
    • Looking at what you’ve already written. Does your law firm have a blog? Look at your blog traffic statistics and figure out which blogs are getting read the most and how people are finding those posts.  You may be able to use the idea in a newsletter. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.
    • Getting help. Do you have a great person in your office who can help with this task? Have you considered hiring a legal marketing consultant to write your newsletter?

    We hope that these tips provide you with a good starting point for your attorney newsletter. To learn more about creating a great legal marketing newsletter, please browse the FREE resources on our website and call us directly at 703.591.9829.

  • I know that legal marketing is important for my law firm, but I have no time to keep up with all the latest trends and Google changes. Can a legal marketing consultant help me?

    Yes, a law firm marketing consultant may be able to help you. Attorney marketing consultants work with clients in a variety of ways and may be able to help you adapt your legal marketing plan to account for the latest trend, technological advancement, or search engine algorithm change.

    Law firm marketing is important for your law firm, as you note. However, that does not mean it is easy. Successful attorney marketing plans are complex and require continuous review. As the attorney, you are essential to the success of your marketing plan. It is you who must define your ideal client and case, and it is you who must be willing to invest the time and money necessary to develop and implement a successful marketing strategy. Yet, you do not need to do it alone. After all, you still want to practice law and enjoy your life, and keeping up with every trend, development, and change can be time consuming. A legal marketing consultant can help.

    If you are a lawyer in a small law firm of five or fewer attorneys and you are committed to successful legal marketing then our legal marketing consultants encourage you to read a FREE chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book and to call us directly at 703.591.9829.

  • Can Mystery Shoppers Help Me Evaluate My Law Firm Marketing?

    How can mystery shoppers help with your law firm marketing?Mystery shopping is an evaluation tool that useful not just to retailers, but also to law firms. This tool can help an attorney to determine whether his or her legal marketing strategy is carried out in the manner that it was designed to. Two ways to implement mystery shopping include evaluating the attorney website and the in-person impression of the law firm. The mystery shoppers can either be the attorney himself or an outside party. The following are a list of ways that mystery shopping can improve legal marketing campaigns.

    • By pretending to be a potential client and navigating through the law firm website, the lawyer can get an idea of the overall impression that visitors leave with after visiting the site.
    • By using an in-person mystery shopper, the attorney can evaluate the appearance of the staff, the appearance of the office, and the professionalism of overall interaction.
    • By using a website mystery shopper, the lawyer can determine whether the site should be improved to make it easier for potential clients to reach out and contact the firm.
    • By using in-person mystery shoppers, the law firm can identify areas of client interaction that need to be improved.

  • How Do I Test My Landing Page For My Law Firm Marketing?

    How do you split test landing pages for your law firm?Once you have developed a landing page as part of your law firm marketing campaign, it is important to test its effectiveness and make changes where necessary. Fortunately, Google offers a free tool that allows lawyers to test various aspects of their landing page. The tool will allow tests on the effectiveness of many areas, including the following:

    • Color
    • Headlines
    • Calls to action
    • Buttons
    • Changes to the landing page

    What is this Google tool that can improve your attorney marketing landing page? It is known as Google Optimize, and its goal is to help your law firm convert more visitors into paying clients. The tool allows the attorney to assess which content, offers, and designs are most effective at converting visitors into clients. Because the tool is free for all Google users, there is virtually no downside to its use.

    Google Optimize offers:

    • Videos and web seminars about design and planning.
    • Tips for how to use the results of the testing.
    • Articles and information on website optimization.
    • Incremental learning, so you can master the basic functions of the tool before moving on to more sophisticated analysis.
    • Advanced testing strategies for those comfortable with the initial results produced by the tool.

    We recommend you spit test your landing page early in your marketing campaign. Typically, you need to collect data for about a month before you can truly understand which page is performing better. Don't just test to see which page converts more leads, you should also check to see which page gets you the most clients. There are many landing pages that will fill your list with leads, but those leads may not be valuable. The real test will be if those leads become clients, then you will really know if your landing page is helping your law firm.

  • What Resources in Google AdWords Can I Use to Refine My Marketing?

    What tools avaliable in Google Adwords can help you monitor your law firm's website?Google AdWords is one resource that can help you understand if your law firm marketing efforts are helping you attract the new clients that you want to attract with your website. It is worth the time to learn how Google AdWords works and what it can do for you.

    If you use a pay-per-click ad campaign to market your law firm, for example, Google AdWords can identify the parts of your ad that are working and that parts that need improvement. Some of the basic reports that you can access from Google include:

    • Placement/Keyword Report: This report will provide you with information about cost, conversion, and cost per conversion. You can see what each keyword is costing you and whether those keywords are converting for you.
    • Ad Performance Report: This report will look at the text of your ad to see how well it is performing.
    • URL Performance Report: This report allows you to determine how well your landing page is working.
    This is only the beginning of what Google AdWords can do for you. If you are interested in learning more about Google AdWords and other tips and tricks for evaluating your law firm website, then we encourage you to browse the resources available on our website.

  • Why Should I Be Selective About the Cases I Take?

    You should advertise carefully or risk taking on cases you don't want.We believe that advertising that you will take any case may backfire. We understand that you are licensed to take any case in your state, but do you want the small fender-bender case upstate or the slip-and-fall four counties away?

    A more selective approach can be in your best interest, both personally and financially. If you aren’t eager to take the majority of cases in your state, then your marketing should be more focused. Otherwise, you risk wasting a lot of money on advertising that doesn’t get you the cases that you want, and you will lose a lot of time weeding out the clients you don’t want to represent.

    Instead, you should spend your advertising dollars and energy attracting the type of clients that you want. You may be able to broaden the prospective client base that you seek by having your attorney marketing accurately reflect your practice areas and geographic area. That way more of the clients who have the cases you want to take can find you!

    A tighter focus on your niche practice area and geographically targeted advertising can mean more time practicing law, rather than traveling on the road. And isn’t that why you chose this career, after all?

  • How Can Meta Descriptions Improve My Law Firm's Website?

    Writing a little extra content for your articles and blog is important for the health of your website.Despite understanding the need for online marketing and search engine optimization, too many attorneys skip the important step of writing unique meta descriptions for each page of online content. Meta descriptions are valuable to an attorney marketing campaign because they provide a summary of the content and increase the likelihood that potential clients will click through to view the web page. When more potential clients click through to view the web page, the chances are raised that those potential clients go on to become paying clients.

    Crafting dynamic meta descriptions is more an art than a science, but there are strategies for strengthening your approach. Here are seven tips for writing effective meta descriptions:

    1. Keep the meta description to approximately 25 words, or 160 characters, or less.
    2. Address a need that a potential client is facing when conducting the web search.
    3. Offer a solution to the need or problem faced by the potential client.
    4. Write unique meta descriptions for every page.
    5. Encourage viewers to click through to learn more by including a call to action.
    6. Provide a compelling description of the content on the web page.
    7. Incorporate the most important keywords.

    Using these tips while drafting meta descriptions will improve the success of your legal web marketing strategy. Attorneys who skip this step are missing out on countless potential clients.

  • What Lawyers Should Know About PPC Campaigns

    Pay-per-click advertising is one way to get more clients into your legal marketing funnel.Pay-per-click advertising has become vitally important to effective law firm marketing programs. Because the advertisements appear only in response to the precise words the user types into his search request, you can tailor the landing page of your website to the exact needs of your potential client. Obviously, then, choosing the right keywords is essential.

    It is wise to recognize that the things to avoid putting in a pay-per-click advertisement are as important as the things that you do include in your ad. There are some things that are important to avoid:

    • Very general terms such as “personal injury attorney.” The competition is simply too fierce for those kinds of terms. Instead consider something more specific to your practice and to where you are located, such as “Columbus medical malpractice lawyer.”
    • Negative Keywords. These are words that you don’t want be associated with your practice. They may include terms like “job,” “joke,” “bad,” and “pictures.” You don’t want to attract people looking for a Columbus medical malpractice lawyer job, a medical malpractice lawyer joke, a bad attorney, or pictures of you. Anyone searching for those terms is probably not serious about finding a lawyer to hire.

  • Should I Add Myself to Attorney Directories?

    Should you add your profile to attorney directories?Generally, adding your name to online lawyer directories is not a best marketing practice. Many online attorney directory sites will accept anyone who has been admitted to the bar and has a credit card. There is little, if anything, to distinguish the different firms in your practice area, and there is no reason that a client should call you rather than a different lawyer based on the information available on the website.

    If, however, you create your own website and do it properly — so that you show up on the first page of Google results for your chosen keywords — then you will stand out to potential clients. Your online law firm marketing efforts will answer the questions of your potential clients, provide useful information, and be memorable to visitors when they are finally ready to pick up the phone and schedule a consultation.

    Creating your own effective small law firm website is not as easy as adding your name to an already established legal directory. Yet, if you are serious about making changes to your law firm and your life and you are interested in the best marketing for lawyers that is available for a law firm, then you will take the time to create a dynamic website.

  • What Tools Are Available to Help Choose the Right Keywords?

    How can I target the right keywords for my PPC campaign?Choosing the right keywords is an important aspect to a pay-per-click campaign designed to maximize your attorney marketing. While it is certainly possible to choose quality keywords on your own, there are also several free keyword resources available to help maximize the return on your investment. The following is a brief overview of some popular websites providing this service.

    AdWords Keyword Tool

    This keyword tool is free and offered by Google. It will assist you in finding keywords and adding to your collection. By entering words that you are already using or would like to use, it generates a list of similar words along with data that indicates how frequently the words are searched. This allows you to evaluate whether the words are worth the investment.

    Keyword Combiner

    This is another free keyword tool available online. It works by taking your keywords and combining them in new and different ways. It helps by showing you different combinations that you may not have otherwise thought of on your own.

    This free keyword website offers an interesting twist to the usual keyword finder tools. It works by generating a list of the terms that your competition is bidding on. You can find these words by giving the website the domain of your competitors. It is not always perfectly accurate, however.

  • Should My Law Firm Newsletter Be Color or Black and White?

    What quality of paper should I print my law firm newsletter on?The answer is that it doesn’t really matter so long as you publish a newsletter, according to a schedule you’ve set, and print it on real paper (as opposed to distributing it electronically.) Some law firms enjoy using color, pictures, and glossy paper to make a professional looking newsletter that is an integral part of their law firm marketing strategy. Other law firms prefer to stick to text only and print on regular paper, because they do not find the extra cost associated with color ink and glossy paper to be worthwhile.

    Neither type of printing is wrong. Typically, recipients care less about what your newsletter looks like than about what is in your newsletter. Many people get used to getting their newsletter at the same time every month. They appreciate the useful tips you provide for them and hearing the news about your law firm. Accordingly, it is important not to disappoint them and instead to consistently deliver an interesting, well-written and aesthetically pleasing newsletter, whether that newsletter is in color or black and white, on glossy paper or plain.

  • How can I improve my click through and conversion rate using keywords in my lawyer marketing materials?

    When measuring the success of legal web marketing materials, the click through rate and the conversion rate are two factors that help to judge whether your content is appealing to potential clients. These measuring tools determine the frequency at which your materials result in either an individual clicking through to your materials or reaching out and contacting you after reviewing them. How can using keywords improve each of these rates?

    Keywords improve the search engine ranking of a website or other online attorney marketing material. Search engines like Google use algorithms to determine rankings. When they see keywords used naturally throughout content, they rank higher in the search listings. How can you find effective keywords?

    • Think about what your potential client would type into Google when looking for legal information
    • Use words that the average person would type
    • Include a word that defines the geographic area, such as a city, county, or state
    • Avoid using legalese
    • Utilize web programs that analyze the popularity of keywords, and choose words with high returns but less competition
    • Use keywords more than once throughout your content
    • Use the keywords in a natural, not forced manner throughout the law firm marketing materials

    Keywords are important for improving the conversion and click through rates of your online content. To learn more about finding and using the right words, contact the lawyer marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office today at 703-591-9829.


  • How can I write a call to action that maximizes law firm marketing potential?

    Writing brilliant, unique, and educational law firm marketing materials will only go so far in bringing in potential new clients to your law firm. In order to maximize the effectiveness of these materials, the conversion rate must also be high. This means that the number of individuals who contact your firm after reading your legal web marketing materials must be high. Ending with an enticing call to action can achieve that goal.

    What qualities make an effective call to action in your online attorney marketing materials?

    • Unique, standing out from the other advertisements posted by law firms
    • Very specific, using examples and giving specific steps
    • Convey a sense of urgency
    • Entice the potential client to contact the law firm

    It is important to avoid generic calls to action that simply offer a free consultation. Every other legal web advertisement will make this same offer. If the call to action is not unique, it will fail to create any sense of urgency or entice the individual to call your particular firm. Instead, by way of example, offer access to a free report, free book, or a free legal tool.

    The call to action is a vital part of any online legal advertisement. Without it, your otherwise valuable and educational marketing materials may never convert viewers into paying clients.For more information, contact the law firm marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office today at 703-591-9829.


  • Why is managing expectations through law firm marketing important?

    When expectations are properly defined and understood prior to the beginning of the lawyer client relationship, the likelihood is much higher that both parties will leave the relationship feeling satisfied. These expectations can be set in advance through the attorney marketing campaign. During the initial interactions with the potential client, the attorney should:

    • define each party’s role
    • explain what staff people the client can expect to work with
    • outline the legal process in detail
    • discuss fees and costs
    • state when and how the attorney can be contacted

    The reasons for setting these expectations during the legal marketing stage are numerous. Unhappy clients result in the following:

    • Poor reviews either posted online, in writing, or passed verbally to others.
    • Lack of referrals from the former client when future legal needs arise for the client’s friends, families, and colleagues.
    • Poor impression of the legal process. Even if the lawyer did a fantastic job and achieved great results for the client, if he or she did not meet the client’s expectations they will not leave the situation with a favorable impression.
    • Stress to the lawyer caused by the emails, phone calls, and meetings where the client expresses dissatisfaction and demands quick fixes.
    • Inability to focus on what is important. The lawyer’s time should be primarily spent handling the client’s case. If the lawyer has to respond to multiple messages from the client or spend time calming the client down, that is time that is being taken away from productive case preparation.

    For more information about lawyer marketing, contact the law firm marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing.Fill out our online form or call our office today at 703-591-9829.


  • What is the best way to borrow from the attorney marketing techniques of successful individuals?

    Learning from other successful people in order to improve your own attorney marketing campaign is an excellent way to grow your practice. However, there is a right and a wrong way to observe and implement the techniques of others. The following is an overview.

    First, blindly copying someone else’s techniques is a mistake that can harm your legal marketing. It is essential to find out what makes another professional successful, and understand how that success correlates to marketing techniques. For example, if the lawyer is successful because he offers a valuable free book and other resources to potential clients facing driving under the influence charges, this is a good idea to copy. If that same lawyer places a generic, boring advertisement in the local yellow pages, however, this may not be a good idea to copy.

    Second, copying the techniques of a successful individual word for word is a mistake. The best lawyer marketing incorporates your spin and shows personality. Simply following exactly what the other lawyer did is not original, and many clients will see through it.

    So what is the correct way to follow the lead of successful attorneys?

    • Study the reasons why the individual is successful. If the individual built a client base by offering valuable free educational materials, copy this technique.
    • Put yourself into your legal advertising. Copying the idea of writing a free book for potential clients may be an excellent idea. However, the book should contain unique content and be delivered in an interesting, different way.

    For more information about these techniques and others, contact the attorney marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office today at 703-591-9829.


  • Is asking former clients to post positive online reviews good for attorney marketing?

    Many potential clients search online when they are in need of legal representation. Often, these searches drive individuals to attorney directories or websites such as Many of these websites allow for users to post reviews about particular lawyers or law firms. When these reviews are positive, they can improve the reputation of the firm. If clients had a positive experience working with you, many will be happy to oblige your request.

    It is in your law firm’s best interest to encourage former clients to post positive reviews about your service as part of your attorney marketing strategy. Here are a few reasons why:

    • Allows potential clients to read reviews from individuals who have had actual experience working with the firm
    • Allows potential clients to see a more personal side of the firm
    • Helps dilute the impact of any negative reviews
    • Improves the overall online impression and reputation of the firm

    Where can clients post positive reviews?

    • Directly on your website
    • On other legal websites, such as or

    It may feel intimidating to ask former clients to write something about their experience with your firm; however, these reviews are an excellent legal marketing tool. If your firm provided excellent service, former clients will likely be happy to comply with the request. Unfortunately, writing a review is not always something that a former client would think to do without being asked.

    For more information about legal web marketing, contact the attorney marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office today at 703-591-9829.

  • Where should I look for successful people to emulate through my attorney marketing?

    Far from being the negative behavior we tried to avoid in our youth, “copying” the habits of successful individuals is an excellent way to improve lawyer marketing. In order for this technique to work, however, the lawyer must copy the right individuals. How can an attorney find such successful people who are suitable for observing and following?

    • Consider which attorneys in the local community are the leaders who seem to attract business without having to over-advertise themselves.
    • Figure out which lawyers in the area are the go-to resources for most people who find themselves in need of legal services.
    • Observe businesses in the local community that have achieved success, regardless of their industry. The individuals behind these businesses may have used techniques that can just as easily be applied to an attorney marketing campaign.
    • Research attorneys online who excel in providing valuable educational resources to the public. These individuals understand that education-based legal marketing is the best way to attract new clients and earn their trust and respect.
    • Conduct research into successful business leaders of the past. Learn what unique actions they took that made them successful, and discover how they executed those actions.

    If these individuals will allow you to meet with them for an informational interview, take the opportunity to ask as many questions as possible. If this is not possible, oftentimes background information can be found through research.

    For more information about these techniques and others, contact the attorney marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office today at 703-591-9829.

  • Do Web Posts that Harm Lawyer Marketing Classify as Defamation, Libel, or Slander?

    Attorney marketing strategies often involve creating a significant online presence for the law firm. When individuals post content that damages that presence, this activity may be illegal. It is also likely to harm the reputation of the attorney, resulting in a financial strain on the law firm.

    To establish a defamation lawsuit, the plaintiff must prove:

    • The posting was about himself or his law firm
    • The publicized posting reached third parties
    • The statements made must be defamatory, not simply hurtful
    • The statements made must be false
    • The statements made must be provable as being false
    • The false statements must cause injury or damage

    To succeed in a claim for libel, the lawyer must show that written communication of a statement was made that was false or deceptive. He or she also must prove that the statement was expressly stated or implied to be factual, and that it will harm the reputation of the law firm or its attorneys.

    A claim for slander must demonstrate the use of language for the purpose of harming the reputation of the attorney or law firm.

    If the legal marketing strategy developed by you or your law firm has been harmed by online postings, experienced legal counsel should be consulted to determine a course of action. For more information about lawyer marketing and preparing for and defending online reputation attacks, contact the experienced team at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office today at 703-591-9829.


  • What is Direct Response Radio Advertising?

    Direct responce radio ads for attorneysAs the name implies, direct response radio advertising is a type of law firm marketing done on the radio that encourages a direct response by potential clients. In order to get a direct response from clients, it is important to include an easy to remember phone number and website URL in your radio advertisement.

    Direct response radio marketing can be an important part of our legal marketing efforts if it is done correctly. In order to reach the potential clients that you want via the radio, it is important to advertise on the right radio stations, at the right times, and to convey the right messages. You do not want your ad to be all about you. Instead, you want to offer something of value to your listeners, such as a free book or other offer.

  • Should I Include Radio Ads in my Law Firm Marketing Plans?

    Should radio be apart of your lawyer marketing plan.As a lawyer, it is important to develop a complex and complete legal marketing plan for your small law firm. That plan may include radio marketing.

    According to the Radio Advertising Bureau, 88% of people who have used a personal injury lawyer in the past 12 months have also listened to the radio. Think about it. Many of your clients are likely seeking your services because they have been injured in a car accident. That means your client likely travels by car, at least some of the time, and a car is a commonplace to listen to the radio.

    Of course, if you want to include radio advertisements in your law firm marketing plan it is important to strategically place your ads during times when you will reach the maximum number of potential clients. For example, you might consider focusing your lawyer marketing radio ads during rush hour when more people are likely to be traveling by car (and potentially be nervous about crashes due to rush hour traffic).

  • How can I encourage commenting on my attorney marketing blog?

    Law firm blogs are an excellent tool for encouraging direct interaction between the attorney and potential clients. Readers can respond easily and quickly to postings, and attorneys can reply just as quickly. Further, when other visitors to the blog see a high number of comments, they may be more apt to read the article themselves. How can attorneys encourage readers to leave these comments?

    • Consider writing about controversial topics
    • Write about topics that affect potential clients on a personal level
    • Encourage readers to post their thoughts and opinions at the end of the article
    • Pose an interesting and engaging question at the end of the blog
    • Write articles that inspire readers to reach out for more information
    • Never delete comments that disagree with the law firm’s point of view
    • Maintain a policy of only removing comments that are defamatory or abusive

    Incorporating these techniques into a legal blog will encourage readers to interact by posting comments on the site. Not only can the attorney respond and directly interact with the potential client, but other readers can respond to each other as well. This can inspire debate and attract attention to the article. For more information on how interaction on blogs is an excellent form of attorney marketing, contact the experienced team at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form, or call our office today at 703-591-9829.

  • Why is it a mistake to copy the attorney marketing strategies of other attorneys?

    Copying the legal marketing techniques of other attorneys can be a mistake if the lawyers that you are following are not practicing effective marketing strategies. Sadly, the vast majority of today’s attorneys fall into this category. The following is an overview as to why this may be a costly mistake that many lawyers make.

    • Law school does not teach effective marketing. Therefore, the lawyers that you are copying often have little to no background in advertising. Would it not be a wiser decision to copy the techniques utilized by a marketing professional with a proven track record, even if that individual is not in the legal industry?
    • The lawyers that you are copying are likely just copying someone else. Attorneys see another firm advertising on a search directory, for example, and suddenly there are hundreds of lawyers doing the same thing. If you are merely doing the same things that everyone else is doing, how will you ever stand out in this long list available to consumers?
    • By doing exactly what the other attorneys in your area are doing, by definition, your legal advertising campaign is at best average.
    Instead of observing and replicating the legal marketing techniques of every other attorney in your area, seek out a legal professional whose advertising is unique and creative. Observe the strategies that the attorney employs, and consider how you can incorporate those techniques into your own marketing.

    For more information about using attorney marketing to set your law firm apart from the crowd, contact the experienced team at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office today at 703-591-9829.

  • I want to make the switch to unique lawyer marketing, but where do I begin?

    Even for attorneys who understand the importance of breaking away from traditional, overdone legal marketing techniques, a confusion as to where to begin making a change holds many back from their potential for success. Fortunately, the first step of making this change is less intimidating when lawyers recognize that it is possible to venture into this new form of law firm advertising by taking just one step at a time. The following is an example of how a lawyer can ease into a new form of unique marketing:

    • Begin with establishing an easy to navigate, educational, and compelling law firm website. The website is truly the cornerstone of a modern legal marketing campaign. 
    • Learn about search engine optimization techniques or hire an outside vendor with a proven track record to assist you in ensuring that your law firm website appears at the top of a Google search results list.
    • Change your existing forms of advertising, such as yellow page ads and directory listings, to reflect the new marketing strategy. For example, instead of discussing your background and bar licensures, offer a compelling message that inspires potential clients to reach out for more information.
    • Begin writing a law firm blog, updating it frequently with interesting, relevant content that links back to your website.
    • Consider issuing an informative newsletter that is distributed on a regular basis.
    • Begin creating law firm videos and posting them online.
    • Start the process of writing a legal book or consumer guide. Make it available online, and aim to distribute it to potential clients before they even pick up the phone to contact you.
    For more information about lawyer marketing, contact the experienced team at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office today at 703-591-9829.