A buddy of mine wants me to link to his page, but we’re both attorneys. Doesn’t this mean we’ll be competing for clients?

Aren’t you already competing? It is actually a great idea to link your law firm’s website with other attorneys in your field, especially those whom you respect and admire. Many attorneys think that linking to “the competition” will cost them business, when in reality it ups the chances of bringing in clients.

Linking to other lawyers can help your firm by:

  • Making connections. As long as you work out reciprocal links with your competition, you’re on an even playing field. Keep your links local, relevant, and to a small group of select firms, all of whom you know and would recommend—and of course, make sure they link you back.
  • Customer comfort. Think about it: would you hire a doctor if he couldn’t think of any other doctors who would recommend him? Showing that you are friendly and professional with your peers elevates your stock with potential clients, and lets them know you aren’t a “lone wolf” in your territory.
  • Search engine optimization. Every time someone links to your site, your website is given higher consideration by the search engine algorithms. In a sense, the links are telling the search robots that people are looking to you for information, which makes you more popular in searches. However, you don’t want to be linked by just anyone: a link from a site that is picky about who it endorses means more than a link from a site flooded with outbound links.

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