A client found me through my great legal marketing efforts. I’m afraid that if I don’t call that person back the same day that I might lose a potential case, but it isn’t always possible for me to be available 24/7. What should I do?

You should not try to make yourself available every hour of every day. While it may seem like everyone is always available in our fast-paced society, our legal marketing consultants do not advise that attorneys make themselves available at all times.

We do not make this recommendation lightly, nor do we do we make this recommendation to play some kind of mind game. Instead, we believe that attorneys are most successful when they have uninterrupted time to concentrate on a work project, relationship, or personal pursuit. For example, if you are writing a brief and you are interrupted to take a phone call, then the brief will take longer to write as you try to pick up where you left off after your phone call. Similarly, if you are spending time with your kids then a non-urgent work phone call can distract you from paying full attention to your children.

Instead of living this kind of life, our law firm marketing consultants recommend that you set aside time to return phone calls. A great legal marketing plan is going to result in lots of phone calls to your firm, and we don’t want you to be overwhelmed. Instead, we want your attorney marketing efforts to make you successful.

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