It depends on what you consider effective. Your law firm’s online customers are definitely going to be affected by the look and feel of your website first, and that includes the images you put on your pages.

However, search engine robots can’t see the graphics on your website. If you have little copy and tons of images, you’re not going to be ranked very highly—meaning your site won’t be “effective” at all.

Here are a few things to consider about the non-text content on your legal website:

  • Animations. Scrolling or animated text (such as flash graphics) will get your human readers’ attention, but robots won’t see it at all.
  • Graphics. Even if you have text written over the image on your site, the text is not searchable by web engines.
  • Video. Videos appeal greatly to your legal customers, but only the written portion of the video content (titles and description) will be searchable.

While you may think that you can either use graphics to appeal to a human reader or copy for a search robot, there is a way to appeal to both. Every piece of multimedia content on your site has a description, such as an image file name or a text tag. You can edit these filenames and descriptions to include keywords, giving your robots something to read—and your readers something to look at.

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