Are promotional items a cost effective part of my law firm marketing campaign?

Promotional items can be an extremely cost effective part of your legal marketing campaign. The price of each promotional item is usually very low, and the potential return is quite large. For example, you could get pens, memo pads, bookmarks, or other promotional material for about one dollar each if you shop around and order in bulk. Even if you ordered several thousand promotional materials and got just one of the types of clients you are seeking through your law firm marketing efforts, you will have more than made up your costs and made a profit.
It is important to think about your long term lawyer marketing efforts before purchasing promotional items. Which clients are you trying to attract? How are you going to distribute your promotional items? What is your potential fee for each client you gain through law firm promotional marketing efforts?
Well-designed promotional items can be an important and cost effective part of your attorney marketing efforts, but they are not the only important and cost effective types of law firm marketing. To learn more interesting and different law firm marketing ideas, please read a FREE chapter of our book, Great Legal Marketing, available on our website. Additionally, if you are a small law firm of five or fewer lawyers and you are ready to make a commitment to changing your marketing strategy, then please call us directly at 703.591.9829.
Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.