No. Currently, there are no standards that are universally applied to presenters at legal marketing conferences. The person or organization running the conference makes the decisions about whom to hire as presenters. There is no requirement that presenters be practicing attorneys or have any formal education or experience in marketing. The differences among presenters make the quality of legal marketing seminars diverse.

At Great Legal Marketing, we believe that our seminar participants deserve a high quality legal marketing conference and we believe that the quality of a conference is in a large part dependent on the presenters of the conference. Accordingly, we only invite those whom we consider to be the best in their fields to teach at our seminars. For example, you might hear from practicing attorneys who have successful small law firm marketing plans. Not only will you get to learn about their marketing strategies, but you will also learn how they manage to market their firm while running a successful practice and how the marketing has changed their practice for the better. Additionally, you may learn from experienced legal marketers who have solid track records of success and who know how to help attorneys market law firms.

If you would like to learn more about Great Legal Marketing conference presenters, we encourage you to browse the events section of our website and to call our experienced legal marketing consultants today at 703.591.9829.
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