Most attorneys run away from any marketing, afraid to tarnish their reputations and to be seen as "the TV attorney." We believe you are morally obligated to market your practice because you are the PERFECT attorney for someone looking to hire a lawyer right now.

We teach attorneys how they can ethically market their practices, using strategies you won't find anywhere else. Has "do good work and the cases will come" worked out for you? Probably not. This advice was designed to keep you from making money. Instead, we want you to be a good attorney and bring in new clients every day, without overspending on lead generation tactics or bloated TV ads.

Browse our frequently asked questions below to discover what you should be doing RIGHT NOW to bring in new clients. If you have more questions, visit our contact page to ask something specific. We also encourage you to download our 10-Step Program for Marketing Success to learn more about how successful solo and small firm attorneys market their practices.