I have given my employees a script to use on the phone when talking to potential customers. It is working, or do the customers know it’s a sales pitch?

Even though your customers are calling you to perform a service, they are still aware that they’re calling a business. That’s not a problem; they want to hire you, and you want to be hired. However, your initial contact with them can he handled in such a way that the customer feels better about his situation and reassured in choosing you to represent him.

The best marketing for lawyers always includes a little trial and error. The surest way to know if something is (or isn’t) working is to test it, and this applies to your law firm’s phone etiquette as well. You can set up “mystery” callers to ensure that your staff have a firm grasp on your message before you release it into the public.

Here is an easy step-by-step “mystery” caller strategy:

  • Develop a few specific, pre-scripted scenarios. Callers are real people with real concerns, so invent a few typical clients. Make sure they each have a specific question to see how your staff handles it.
  • Inform your staff that you will be doing mystery call training.
  • Evaluate the staff member’s performance, including the time it takes to greet the caller, how they answer questions and attitude problems, and how they end the call.
  • Adjust your team training based on your results. Involve your staff in the process, asking them what they thought could have gone better before giving them your feedback.

You’re not going to be able to oversee every phone call that comes into your office, so it is important to have staff members who are well-trained in your company message, but can also think on their feet.

Ben Glass
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