Can I really attract clients to my law firm by doing the opposite of what my competition does?

If you ask most people why they chose an attorney, the top answer would be “I knew the attorney personally.” The second is “someone recommended him.” The third is the thing that brings people to you: why would someone hire you to do an important job above all other qualified individuals?

This is why it is so important to stand out. Think about all those attorney ads in the phone book, pages and pages of names with no personal details attached. If you’re thinking about placing an ad there, would you want it to look just like everyone else’s? What does that say about you? “Hire me, I’m just like everyone else here?”

People need a reason to choose you, and you need to give them that reason. Look through those pages again, and pretend you had to choose one of them based only on their ads. Which one stands out the most? Are any of them funny? Do they make any offers to the client? Or would you simply close your eyes and place your finger on a random name?

If you want to be successful, you have to see all of your competition as the “industry norm.” Your business is different, and you want to be better than the average. If the best way to stay average is by doing what everyone else has already done, than the best way to stand out is by doing the opposite.

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Ben Glass
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